Trailer Review - Suicide Squad 2nd trailer

"We're bad guys it's what we do!" says Harley Quinn in the second teaser trailer for Suicide Squad. Not long after the new poster was released a second trailer came out and it looks just as exciting as we thought. It has a slightly more mature take on DC's 'worst heroes ever' than the comics did but for people like me who've only read and heard little from the comic book stores, it already seems to be shaping up to be a great movie!

There are a couple of things to touch upon in this trailer and one being magic. Katana who happens to be one of the squad members and wields a magic sword that consumes the souls of its victims. This could show that the DC Cinematic Universe are opening up to a wide range of power sources early on and it seems to be a key element in this trailer. Another being the strange monster in the subway that definitely doesn't look human, we see it destroying a train without any trouble! Well whatever it is it could well be a supernatural element in the film (I could be all wrong here) and it looks like it has the potential to turn people into monsters as we see some tainted and twisted looking creatures challenging members of Task Force X. Another one being Enchantress with her being supposedly possessed by the spirit of a witch, yet we see her in and out of that character throughout the trailer so who knows what kind of part she'll play.

We see more of Jared Leto's Joker but we are still not given a lot to look at. The character has been kept away from much of the action and it has been confirmed that he will mostly be separate from the squad. Suggesting that he might have an exterior motive in this film. Different from the team as he doesn't seem to value what they want, which isn't surprising coming from The Joker. We do get a few glimpses of him jumping into a pool and pulling Harley Quinn out of the water which could suggest his motive is connected to her in some way. This would make sense considering the history they have in the comics.

The title itself and the look of it makes it all the more enticing. The colours are those of a villain and mental looking font and layout further distance it from the Superheroes we love and know as their titles always have an empowering look to them, but this is special and I absolutely love the way it's been done!

Moving on with the trailer the choice to use Queen's  'Bohemian Rhapsody' song was great! Most of the trailer played to the tune of the music and flowed beautifully, also giving it a wacky and unpredictable feel to it which is completely different to other Superhero trailers. Although this is kind of is and isn't a Superhero trailer, I'll just say it's unique, a crazy song for a crazy film!

For me this trailer has been the best I've seen in a very long time! It's great the way it's been fitted together and being introduced to the characters has been enough to not be annoyed about the absence of any narrative. Although we kind of get what it's about, a squad of bad guys hired to do suicide missions for the government. But what I wonder about is where they are and what kind of mission they're going on, the setting looks run down and very Arkham-like as well!

I'm looking forward to seeing more about this film in the coming months!

Thanks for reading :)


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