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I will list all my top ten television shows counting down to number one! Starting off with number ten:


Archer began in 2009 and stars a secret agent by the name of Sterling Archer, working for the agency 'ISIS' who are hired to do protection work, transportation of top secret information or in some cases assassination. Of course this is a parody of shows and films similar to this and the agents constantly mock each other. Sterling Archer is a field agent who is constantly drunk and having sex with anything that is female!
Archer's field partner most of the time is Lana Kane who mocks Archer for the fact that he has cheated on her.. more than once.

This show has made it to my top ten because of its witty and fast humour that has had me laughing many times! It isn't one of those shows constructed specifically for humour it also has a storyline to it and follows a certain pattern, incorporating in depth characters that are easy to love and some easy to hate. With the characters life stories being quite dark and sad, Sterling's for example, they are then shrouded in humour so to not take away that comical edge and prevent it from getting too serious.

As a show it is enjoyable to watch when I want to unwind and not focus on much, with the crude humour being enjoyable at times but one gripe would be that it can go too far. Sometimes the humour can be harsh in many ways or get a little silly. This is like most American shows where the limits of comedy are stretched. Nevertheless this is something that rarely happens and the comedy is mostly hilarious!

The storyline itself follows the missions Archer and his colleagues go on, taking focus on other characters attributes and twisting that for the sake of comedy.

It has also developed into many drinking games and is also another reason why it has reached my list!

That's it for number ten on my list, every week I will be putting up another counting down to number one!

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American Horror Story

At number nine we have American Horror Story. This show is unlike any show on TV, it's storylines are always filled with action and information for the audience to think about and has created some great characters over the five seasons so far!

The events that occur in the series are, well, sometimes more than what I expected but never ceases to amaze! With a different set of characters each season and a different story it shows how impeccable to acting is with the same cast performing very differently from season to season. One example is Evan Peters who has been involved in every season so far has played six different characters and each one has been unique in their own way. In Season one  his character, Tate Langdon, was a psychopath with a soft spot for Taissa Farmiga's character Violet Harmon. Then in season 3 he played a Frankenstein's monster like character for the majority of the season which involved showing emotion through a shell of a body. Proving that the actors and their characters are essential to the story and one of the many reasons why I enjoy the show!

One other factor I look forward to each season is the opening title sequence. Despite how odd it can be it is also intriguing and enjoyable to watch. It really does give you an idea of what to expect from the season as it suits the theme of the season!

Although despite all that is good about this show there are a few things that I dislike that keep it from being any higher than ninth. Especially in season three the writing wasn't perfect, although in the other season the writing has been pretty good there have been moments where it seemed a little out of place, more so than other shows. Although other shows probably have this too it seemed to have stuck out a bit more in this show at times. It could just be me in thinking that though!

Another being season 3. I felt it necessary to mention it but in my opinion American Horror Story: Coven was the poorest season and stands out enough for me to mention it. Almost every aspect just didn't live up to the standards of the other seasons despite the fact it had the potential to be much more than it was!

So that's it for number 9, American Horror Story makes the list but what makes number 8?

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At number eight on my list is 'Daredevil' the show on Netflix that immediately caught my eye because of the in depth story and eye catching fight scenes!

The blind lawyer by day and superhero by night is my favourite superhero of all time; he's something different as a blind crime fighter who relies on his other senses which are at superhuman level. Him being a blind lawyer in Hell's Kitchen is the perfect cover for his hero side, allowing him to have a hand in helping people by the law and by acting as a vigilante if it is out of his hands. His senses also help him to determine whether or not someone is lying by listening to their heartbeat which is a great advantage. His character in the show is played brilliantly by Charlie Cox, and the fight scenes are delicately choreographed and shot at the right angle for one to keep interested. These days many fight scenes have a lot of quick fast paced cuts and although these scenes are fast paced with cuts it is not overdone and they are timed perfectly.

Elden Henson's Foggy and Deborah Ann Woll's Karen Page prove to be great supporting roles. All three of them work well together and Foggy and Matt's friendship are backed up by past stories that are brought up in flashback scenes. I mentioned in another post but because of more time they are able to focus on this in Marvel TV shows and it's done with precision and delicacy they are able to draw emotion from the viewers. Not only those characters but Wilson Fisk also being a reason why this show is so great. At first he doesn't seem so bad but after watching him in action, he suddenly becomes scary and unpredictable, a sudden change of events could get him going and I would feel sorry for the person on the other end of the fist, or in one case a car door!

I do wish I could put this show higher on my list, but with only one season I felt that it could not go any higher. Although one thing that bugs me a little bit about this show is the underdevelopment of female characters and their relationships with other females. With the male characters I could write detailed paragraphs of them all, but I would struggle with Rosario Dawson's Claire Temple due to the fact that she is only there to act as a nurse to Matt and say a few wise quotes. It is disappointing because she's a very important character and with the amount of screen time she had I only wish we got to know the character more. Karen Page probably had the most screen time out of all female characters but was also underplayed, the only time we got to know her character was when she would talk to Foggy.

Another would be the richness of the show being dampened a little with the opportunity to binge watch every episode from the release date. Although I like that it does ruin some of the build up to the show,

Well that's number eight on my list, next week we'll see number seven!

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The show started in 2007 but I started watching it in 2012 the year it ended. This was the first show I really got into and binged watched when I found it and loved almost every minute of it!

For those who don't know what the show is about, ex college student Charles Bartowski also known as Chuck (Zachary Levi) works at his dead end job at a 'Buy More'. But one day his old college friend Brice Larkin (Matthew Bomer) sends him loads of encrypted images of all the governments' secrets as a program known as the Intersect. Chuck looks at the images and they are transferred into his brain, making him the single most important man in the United States. The CSI and NSA send two of their best agents to protect Chuck, Sarah Walker (Yvonne Strahovski) and John Casey (Adam Baldwin) are those agents!

It has been over a year since I've watched Chuck but the show blossomed beautifully after season one, creating lovable and loathable characters across all five seasons. Zachary Levi couldn't have been better as Chuck, it was a role perfect for him and the character is as lovable as any. He doesn't use guns and doesn't kill people and his soft personality usually got him in harms way, relying on his handler and love interest Sarah to save him. As the series progressed Chuck matured and eventually learned how to protect himself, becoming more and more like a spy, but he managed to keep hold of his good qualities whilst become a better fighter. The relationship between Chuck and Sarah is what drove the show forward, also backed up by his relationship with his sister Ellie (Sarah Lancaster) and her husband Devon (Ryan McPartlin), and who could forget Casey and his best friend Morgan Grimes (Joshua Gomez). This is what I love about this show, his relationship with the people closest to him as it shows the true values of friends and family. 

Chuck and Sarah's relationship throughout the show always pushed each of them to their limits, but the ending of season five may have seemed rushed to some people I believe it was a sad and good ending at the same time. I don't think I have ever felt so many emotions at the end of a show. But it's really the way Chuck's kindness and gentle qualities manage to flatter Sarah who comes across as insecure due to a troubled past. I say insecure because of the unorthodox men she's had in her past, her con man father and ex boyfriend spy Brice Larkin. So getting close to Chuck was difficult for her at first but it was the story of how the two got together that proved to the audience they should have been together from the start. The fact that I could get into watching their relationship progress really proved to me why this show should be on my list. 

Now, who can forget two characters that made the show what it was? Lester and Jeff or 'Jeffster' (their bands name) who provided great comical appearances. When the show needed a break from the storyline Jeff and Lester were there with the Buy More and Morgan to provide a side story that was so ridiculous you had to see more of it! The way that it would also intertwine with the main story occasionally would create suspense and tension with Chuck's attempts to hide his secret to keep his friends safe. The people of the Buy More helped make the show what it was, giving a bad impression of how an electronics store is run but Chuck would not have been the same without it.

One thing I didn't like about this show was the writing in the first season. I can accept that it was the first season of a new show and things aren't going to flow and stuff will stand out. But for me a lot of stuff stood out and it would divert my attention too often and could have easily been avoided. Another being the acting in places, particularly in the earlier seasons the acting was off, the main actors were fine because they matured along with their characters but more of the side character annoyed me with the way they would under perform and it is these two things that take Chuck down my list in seventh. It could just be me thinking that but it frustrates me greatly to see those characters and put a dent on an otherwise brilliant show. This isn't a flaw in the show but another reason why it is quite far down my list is because their isn't as much depth to the narrative compared to the shows above it, this I don't mind but it keeps me from getting involved more with the show.

That's it for number seven on my list; join me next week for the sixth show on my list!

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 Dr Who

52 years old, Doctor Who hits in at number six on my list! Like a lot of people I only grew up with Christopher Eccleston, David Tennant, Matt Smith and currently Peter Capaldi who is doing a great job as the Doctor so far. In this time I have gone back through the years of Doctor Who and watched old episodes from all the Doctors and kind of understand its long lasting history as it developed from William Hartnell in 1963 to the reboot with Christopher Eccleston in 2005!

In fact the history of the show is one reason why it appeals to me so much. The show has such a rich history and keeps on producing some spectacular storylines and monsters, taking influences from events in reality to develop interesting narratives. Even more interesting is when it dives into history where the outcome of a fixed event is put in jeopardy. For example the Daleks in Manhatten in series 4 with David Tennant and Freema Agyeman as Martha, The Cult of Skaro plan to take over Earth (as usual) and use the nearly complete Empire State Building to help kick-start a new kind of foe for the Doctor to face. Although I would say the Daleks are overused a little in the show, this was a particularly interesting episode as it was different to most Dalek episodes with unconventional ways of doing things in this episode.

Hey, is that Andrew Garfield in this episode? -->

Who could forget that the universe of Doctor Who is explored at different points in time, opening it up for a range of ideas and different alien races to discover! This is something that has always caught my eye with the show as I've fantasised about the different races and planets since I first watched the show in 2005. Not many other shows have an almost unlimited source of ideas such as this one, giving so many opportunities to introduce new races, bring back old ones and sometimes incorporate them in the same episode. Like they have done with Daleks and Cybermen, arguably the Doctor's two most intimidating enemies over the shows long history!

Of course the Doctor himself is important and the concept of regeneration allows his body to be renewed. This keeps the show fresh because the Doctor can explore new characteristics and other changes in his personality. Although many people don't like the idea when the Doctor they know and love leaves it is difficult to love any other incarnation of him. I would say the transition from David Tennant to Matt Smith was difficult to digest at first, but you learn to love the way a new Doctor behaves and how he goes about doing something. Each form of the Doctor is unique in their own ways, but all manage to combine excitement with security, whenever we see the Doctor we know he'll overcome any obstacles put in front of him, with a little help from his companions of course, but in the later years we definitely see a Doctor who is more conflicted between his beliefs and the wishes of his companions and it is always interesting to see how is it plays out!

Although the show doesn't come without its flaws and personally having explored the current episodes more than the past ones, the problem comes in the form of Steven Moffat. Although the season just gone was probably his best yet, I was put off Doctor Who quite a bit when he took over as the writer from Russell T. Davies. Similarly both wrote about how the Doctors choices either made people heroes or weapons, Moffat however seems to have more interesting and clever stories but can overcomplicate things (although this could be me being stupid and not understanding the story). But at time went on for his episodes I just cared less and less about characters that weren't the Doctor and eventually came to dislike Amy and Rory. Clara who is probably my favourite companion in Doctor Who because she proved to be more independent and she was a character I really cared about in the show. But still there were times where I cared for her half as much as I cared for companions like Rose Tyler and Captain Jack because they had more depth to their characters.

Unfortunately it has all become to centred around the Doctor and it has kind of taken away the richness of the show, leaving other characters out too much and leaving little room for characters like Ashildr in Series 9 to actually be liked (I really didn't like her). Unfortunately for this reason it has taken Doctor Who down a peg or two in my list.

So the years of Russell T. Davies were definitely my favourite years for the show. They brought to life a whole new fantasy world for me to explore and enjoy in my younger years and for that reason I keep the show close to my heart. Even some of the much, much older episodes have sparked great interest for me, Tomb of the Cybermen, Revelation of the Daleks and Genesis of the Daleks are just some of my favourite old stories. Of course Sarah-Jane Smith and Harry Sullivan from the Tom Baker years were two great companions but are merely part of the long run of the show. It is unfortunate that my dislikes about the show at the moment are what drag it down in my list but it has always been in my top ten!

That's it for number 6 on my list; we are now half way through as we hit number five next week!

I salute you for reading! :)


The Walking Dead

Half way through my list and at number five is The Walking Dead. The show that is almost as bad as Game of Thrones for killing off peoples favourite characters and has still managed to keep me intrigued over the 6 and a half seasons it's been going so far. Starting with Sheriff's Deputy Rick Grimes who was badly injured in a gun fight and put into a month's long coma, when he awakens the World he knew had gone and overrun by Zombies. The show follows him, his family and the group of survivors he is part of as they adapt and survive in the World they are part of.

The show has many good points about it, but probably my favourite thing about the show is the writing. Since season one it has only developed and got better, I will admit in seasons one and two the writing could have been better, but especially in season four and five you can see that the writers have learned from their mistakes and is the best written season yet (in my opinion). Season six's writing also seems to be a step up at places. Not only this but the development of characters has also been huge and played a large role to the narrative. Especially if you look at Rick who started off as a man you can reason with and would probably let you into his survivors group. But the tough World around him has changed who he is and is quite an unpredictable man now, one example would be when Him, Carl, Michonne and Daryl were ambushed in season four finale. Rick surprises everyone with an unthinkable action that results in a lot of blood being spilt. Another character is Carol who started as a soft and compassionate woman abused by her husband, but after the death of her daughter and other horrible actions she is now one the most badass characters still going!

To an extent the show itself doesn't seem that far from reality, you could imagine a Zombie Apocalypse happening and rather than the show focusing on fantasy elements like zombies it puts emphasise on the humans. In this show the humans are in fact the main source of horror as they learn and adapt to the World other survivors pose more of a threat than Walkers do. They either use the Walkers for their own good or generally are just as barbaric as the zombies. This is unpredictable yet something that we can imagine humans doing, like cannibalism. The Walkers in the show are also all done with practical effects and not CGI, which also adds to the relatable atmosphere it's trying to create. This I do like about the show because it focuses on the gruesome details and tells a story that to a certain sense is believable!

The show is based off source material with it being adapted from comics but does not follow the story closely. It has made its own story and makes the show rather unpredictable in many senses. One being that characters are easily killed off, like Game of Thrones but The Walking Dead is much loosely connected to the source material and occasionally connecting with elements from the comics. This seems to be working for the show and keeps it open for ones imagination to think of how it could end. Or does it even have an end game? Although everyone knows the World will end with the death of all humans and Walkers roaming around hungry for the rest of eternity!

This show does not come without its flaws, one being the flow of the episodes, it can take so long for something to happen especially in the early seasons. Particularly in season three in the prison when war between the main group and another group breaks out, it takes a good two or three episodes before anything is done about it. Between there and then not a lot happened and it got quite boring as the episodes dragged out before they returned to the main story again. This also occurred in season two when Carol's daughter went missing and too much time was spent trying to look for her before they found Hershel's farm. Another problem I have is the obvious product placement which is more hilarious than a sin. The perfectly conditioned Hyundai car that never runs out of fuel and never gets dirty or damaged was just as much of a group member than Judith was then and now. I don't mind product placement but if you include a car in a show like this at least find a way to fit it in, otherwise it does look weird!

Probably my biggest gripe of all is Lori, I have to say her death was sad and a moment to forget for Carl, but her character was just annoying. First she's with Shane after believing Rick to be dead, but Rick finds her and Carl and all of a sudden she doesn't care for Shane anymore, I mean Shane was a dick but I think she worsened the situation. Not only this but she put Maggie and Glenn in jeopardy when she wanted Glenn to secretly pick up a pregnancy test from the pharmacy, resulting in Maggie nearly getting bitten. These are just two things on a long list of reasons why I don't like Lori. But I do believe the show started to get better after she died!

So that's it for number five on my list, I do enjoy the show and almost every aspect of it. I don't think I'm the only one excited to see it return after its long mid season break!

I salute you for reading! :)


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