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Marvel's Jessica Jones: Episode 1

Love Marvel? Have Netflix? Try the latest series on Netflix! After watching the first episode of Marvel's Jessica Jones I think it's safe to say that marvels take on darker and more violent instalments never ceases to amaze. "AKA Ladies Night" is the first episode of the series and having seen the debut of "Daredevil" earlier this year, we are sure to have high hopes for the adaptation of the character from Brian Michael Bendis' and Michael Gaydos' comics.

Jessica Jones (Krysten Ritter) is a private eye in the familiar setting of 'Hell's Kitchen' that we see in"Daredevil". Nothing is kept from the eye of the audience in the work life of Jessica as her work takes her to back allies as many of her cases involve spouses wanting proof they are being cheated on. Nor does it censor her private life, as we witness the female protagonist also partake in sexual intercourse as well. Which makes it obviously noticeable that Marvel (owned by Disney) want to approach this series slightly differently to the way they have done their other shows.

Jessica Jones doesn't seem like the type of person you would pick as a superhero as she comes across as edgy, rough, and lanky and living in a run-down apartment in Hell's Kitchen. But straight away we see a determined character, obviously damaged, but she drives to keep herself away from her past, allowing us to see how much of a fighter she is. Immediately shushing any worry that she isn't up for the role of being a great heroin.

We quickly find out that her damaged past is tied in with Kilgrave, who we don't see in person during the debut episode but David Tennant still manages to make an impression as the part of Kilgrave by appearing in the mind of Jessica. Creating a creepy and rather sinister atmosphere as he has the ability to make anyone do as he says. There is no questioning Tennant's ability to pull off this role later on in the series and I am deeply excited to see how he portrays the role as the series progresses.

The supporting cast is strong but I would like to point out Jeri Hogarth played by Carrie-Anne Moss, playing the role of a powerful lawyer who occasionally employs Jessica. She brings a powerful feel to show and somewhat gives Jessica Jones a platform to make her seem even better than she already is. I am intrigued to see what else Hogarth will contribute to the narrative, as she seems to have her own side narrative, being a lesbian who is cheating on her wife or girlfriend with one of her co-workers. Quite ironic that she hires someone who catches cheaters when she is having an affair herself.

I will say that some lines in scenes seem a little out of place at time, but other than this minor flaw the Jessica Jones series has got off to a great start. A well-written script mixed with the terrific acting of Krysten Ritter really does introduce us to the character of Jessica Jones and sets up the overarching story for the season!

I am looking forward to seeing how it unravels!

Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed this review of the first episode of Marvel's Jessica Jones!

Marvel's Jessica Jones: Episode 2

So you thought episode one was good? Well episode two is a step up from that! "AKA Crush Syndrome" is just as spectacular as the first episode! We finally witness the first fight scene with both Jessica Jones and Luke Cage!

Whether or not Luke Cage had his powers yet in the comics I don't know but the two definitely make a mess of those guys at Luke's bar. I didn't talk about Luke in episode one because there wasn't much to talk about, but when he displays his unbreakable skin to Jessica we know he's going to play an integral part in the series. Although we do learn that Jessica was following Luke in the first episode for her own reasons and not because someone hired her. This raises a few questions about why she felt the need to follow Luke.

Hope (Erin Moriarty), a poor young girl in the first episode who was forced to kill her own parents thanks to the devious mind of Kilgrave. She seems to have more of a part in this episode and says some nasty remarks to Jessica (telling her that she should kill herself) in a conversation about Jessica witnessing Kilgrave's apparent death. Although we do feel sorry for her, as she didn't have a choice in murdering her parents and, as she mentions, her 12 year old brother is now on his own. Moriarty portrays the part of the damaged girl well as we see how exhausted she is and how she's still trying to process what has happened.

Kilgrave is just as unsettling as we remember. We see him grant access to a house with a family, ordering the children to go in the closet before settling himself down to he eat their dinner. The clever camera angles still don't give this evil manipulator a face which makes him all that more unsettling. I am not surprised to see that this man has no empathy for the family he's about to torment. David Tennant still grasps the part perfectly, delivering some great lines like "Children should be seen and not heard. Or better still not seen and not heard!" which shows that this villain is not here to play games.
Although we do see a flashback scene to when Kilgrave had Jessica under his control, or at least attempting to regain control as she seemed to have broken free of his grasp before a bus flips over and hits him. From there he leaves a trail of clues in his wake as Jessica uncovers why he isn't dead, finding a poor Ambulance driver Kilgrave used to replace his kidneys, currently trapped in a mind of his own and begging Jessica to kill him. Pretty dark stuff but goes to show how senseless Kilgrave can be.

Other mentions include Trish Walker (Rachel Taylor), who also had a better part to play in episode 2, as we witness her training to fight. I am curious to see where this leads as she is known as Hellcat in the comics. Exciting times ahead if she joins in the fight against Kilgrave!
I did like Jessica's visit to Metro-General Hospital which is the workplace of Claire Temple from Daredevil, already connecting the two shows together.
The part when Hogarth's wife finds out about her affair is a little strange, it seems pointless and unnecessary to add this in if it comes to nothing.

Well that's it for episode two! A good episode if I may add but we will be joined later in Episode three!

Thank you for reading!!!

Marvel's Jessica Jones: Episode 3

Would you like some Marvel with those sex scenes? Not one, not two but three sex scenes in a MARVEL show?! Although it isn't the most graphic depiction of sex we have seen on shows like Game of Thrones, it is hard to believe a Marvel show could frequently include it. "AKA It's Called Whisky" is the third episode in the series and also my favourite episode name. After finding out they both have superpowers, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage decide that three sex scenes would be enough for this episode, and a quote from Luke Cage "Sweet Christmas!" probably had comic book fans chuckle all over the World. 

It was nice to see them discussing their abilities and other people out there with them, including "The big green dude and his crew" is an obvious reference to a somewhat World famous band of Superheroes. But later we find that their newly found bond is not all perfect, with a picture of Luke's dead wife triggering a flashback in Jessica's mind, we later discover that under the control of Kilgrave, Jessica murdered Cage's wife! This adds an interesting spark as we could see some Luke and Jessica confrontation before the series' end.

The action doesn't stop there as Trish comes under attack in her own home by a cop possessed by Kilgrave. Although Trish puts up a good fight she is overpowered by him, only for Jessica to save her at the very last minute. The fight scene is actually quite thrilling, not the level of Daredevil fight scenes but interesting to see Trish finally get some action, although she's not quite 'Hellcat' yet.
But it's from here that Jessica follows the cop back to Kilgrave who orders the possessed man to kill himself, which Jessica stops and then Hero and Villain finally see each other, as Kilgrave signals to the still possessed cop it buys him sometime to escape and Jessica to run through the house, fighting other possessed family members to find him. A great sequence it was and my favourite quote coming from David Tennant, "You ginger twat!" Being British it was nice to see some British insults making it into an American TV Show.

Jessica's succession in obtaining Surgical Anaesthetic most likely led to her friendship with Malcolm coming to an end, using him to create a distraction whilst she raids the drugs cabinet in the hospital. Just goes to show that even the protagonists use questionable methods in getting what they want.

Trish's reference to "Aliens attacking the city" is another reference to the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe), and her podcast conversation with Hope and Hogarth shows just how Hogarth can manipulate situations, making Hope sound delusional in her attempts to talk about Kilgrave live on air.

The series still continues to get better, this episode being the most action packed out of the three. I only hope it continues to get better!

Thank you for reading!

Marvel's Jessica Jones: Episode 4

On Episode four and Jessica Jones just keeps getting better, "AKA 99 Friends" has a lot of interesting points concerning the narrative, but also focuses on how Trish, Jessica and the cop, Simpson, are dealing with the aftermath of episode three.

After Simpson turns up at Trish' to make amends for what happened it is obvious that Trish cannot fully trust him, even though she knows that now he was not under the control of Kilgrave, she still was a little sceptical about letting him into her house. Although the conversation they have creates some great images like Trish holding the gun he just gave her to the mic of her flat, ready to shoot him, and even after she trusts him enough to let him in, we see them talking over the table with her hand still on the gun. This scene really stood out as we were able to see the two connect and
find a little peace in the hectic World they live
There was one moment in this episode for Trish that seemed difficult for her and audiences to process, this was her live apology to Kilgrave on her podcast show. This moment seemed quite disturbing and forced in a desperate attempt to keep Kilgrave off her back. But it turns out later that Kilgrave is not interested in Trish as we see a little girl relay a message from Kilgrave talk to Jessica Jones in the street. Quite a sad moment in fact that Kilgrave has manipulated a little girl to do his bidding.

There is some comedy in this dark and gruelling episode as Jessica interviews a list of victims that Hogarth gathered together. Some obviously making up stories and led to some great facial expressions pulled by Jessica. Although some were genuine victims and the story of the man who left his child by the side of the road just solidifies the idea of Kilgrave being a senseless man who has no sympathy for the consequences, with the man losing his wife and facing child abandonment charges.

Malcolm being revealed as the photographer Kilgrave had following Jessica wasn't the most surprising moment, although it now makes sense why he keeps popping up everywhere. It did create a special moment when Jessica found out about Malcolm, she sheds a tear that shows she does care for Malcolm.

It was quite nice to see Jessica take on another client, even if it was a trap by some misguided people who seek revenge over people like Jessica for the death of someone during the alien invasion in the Avengers. It was quite satisfying seeing Jessica trash their place, and say probably one of the best lines I've ever heard, "You shoot at me, I'll pull the bullet out of my ruined jacket and shove it up you're ass with my pinky finger and who do you think it's gonna hurt more?" It's the humour we seemed to be coming accustomed to with Jessica.

That concludes Episode 4!

Episode 5 will be up tomorrow but Episode 6 will not be up till Monday.

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Marvel's Jessica Jones: Episode 5

Well "AKA The sandwich saved me" is the fifth episode in the series sees more action and more excitement, and with eight more episodes to go I am looking forward to seeing how this will end for Jessica Jones.

But before the conclusion, the fifth episode pits Jessica, Trish, and Simpson against Kilgrave, as the trio attempt to capture him in order to use him as proof for Hope's case. Although we saw them succeed in their plan of capturing him, keeping him was the hard part as they were ambushed by a security team working for Kilgrave, who manage to snatch him from the back of the truck, despite
Jessica's and Simpson's attempt to beat them off.
Toward the end of the episode we see Kilgrave talking to Jessica over the phone, and asking for a picture. Presumably to keep Malcolm safe (currently hand-cuffed in her bathroom) she gives in and sends him a picture of her face. As much as it seems like she's doing this for the right reasons, from what I've learnt is that Jessica doesn't give in easy, and this is her giving in easy.

We delve into Jessica's past with a few flash back scenes but one being Jessica saving Malcolm from a mugging before meeting Kilgrave for the first time, filling in a little bit more of her past, but holes are still missing. Other flashback scenes showed her toying with the ambition of becoming a superhero, even snubbing the 'Jewel' costume from the comics but does it in the Jessica fashion: "If I wear that thing, you'll have to call me camel toe." A humorous moment nonetheless but shows how her background in the MCU contrasts with her comic book others past.

David Tennant once again shines as Kilgrave who is quickly becoming my favourite Villain in the MCU. From what I've seen he stands out to the rest of them, he doesn't hide his true self he is open about being a psychopath! We see the result of this in Malcolm, as we can see the poor man has become a drug addict thanks to the mind of Kilgrave, who has intentionally ruined Malcolm's life as he has done so many other people.

Other mentions include the surprise oral sex scene between Simpson and Trish!

The tension between Simpson and Jessica is strong; it shows that Jessica obviously doesn't like Simpson which is shown in the scene where Jessica locks him in a sound proof cell. We see them both express how they feel about each other but unable to understand each other. Including Simpson's quote, "I've seen heroes. You're not even close."

An exciting episode and a lot to talk about, we can really see how the series is progressing now and more to do with other characters around Jessica!

Thank you for reading and I'll be back with episode six!!!

Marvel's Jessica Jones: Episode 6

Episode six pushes the boundaries even further than any other episode. "AKA You're a winner!" shows the result of one of Kilgrave's most vile and horrific acts yet, coming in the form of a baby and his latest victim, Hope, who is still coming to terms with what he did.

With the end of episode five showing Hope getting beaten by a cell mate in the night, we learn early in this episode it is because Hope is pregnant with Kilgrave's child and paid her for the beating. This is a situation that could have been easily
avoided by the collaborators but shows how different this marvel series is compared to some of the others who would censor gritty details like this. It is hard not to be disturbed by this and by Kilgrave who is shown with no sympathy for his victims and takes what he wants from them. Hope who has been through so much already even expresses how she can't fathom the thought of giving birth to a physical reminder of Kilgrave. Erin Moriarty is again brilliant in portraying the character in a situation that many young women would not be able to deal with, it is even implied by Jessica that Kilgrave has raped her too and has a completely different way of dealing with it than Hope.

Hogarth gives Hope a pill to kill the growing foetus inside her but intends to keep it for herself, leaving it open for a lot of questions to be asked about her creepy intentions. Being a self centred character we can only assume she wants it for her own bidding and that makes it even creepier! Considering she has quite a powerful role in Jessica Jones, has Carie-Anne Moss' character begun another story line that could potentially pass over into another season? It could also pass over into another show considering that's what Marvel are angling with this and Daredevil, but these are notable plots that have been introduced at an interesting time in the show.

Luke returns with a case for Jessica that both venture on. But it turns out to be dangerous for Jessica as it leads towards the truth behind the death of Luke's wife. To save the life of another Jessica reveals the truth behind her death, and we see yet another character drift from Jessica's side as Luke tells Jessica, "I was wrong, you are a piece of s**t!"
I would also like to point out yet another "Sweet Christmas" line from Luke when he sees all the weed and then getting his own fight scene. It was nice to see Luke get some more action!

Kilgrave travelling to the suburbs to buy a house was a bit strange, not using his powers to buy the house and instead offers the owner 1.26 million dollars, twice what it's worth to but it does seem a little odd that he doesn't use his powers to buy the house and there is no definitive answer to why he doesn't. Perhaps it being Jessica's childhood home, it would mean something to Kilgrave if he won the house rather than telling the owner to give him the keys and get out straight away.

Episode six sets the stage for future episodes and I can't wait to see how it all unravels!

I will be back with Episode seven soon!

Marvel's Jessica Jones: Episode 7

Awwwwwwww no Ruben!!! :'( He was so innocent! "AKA Top Shelf Perverts" sees the show transition into much darker territory with the gruesome death of a character no one could hate.

Robyn and Ruben, a strange couple of twins
living above Jessica's apartment have popped in and out throughout the show, but now have been brought to the centre of the action after Ruben (in love with Jessica), catches Kilgrave in her apartment whilst delivering banana bread. We can only think that after Ruben told Kilgrave that he loves her, Kilgrave's his jealousy kicked in. Leading to Jessica discovering Ruben's bloody corpse in the morning. Showing how Kilgrave is now directly addressing Jessica with his messages as they have more of a sinister and evil impact.

This nearly pushes Jessica to the brink, and why wouldn't it? As extreme as it is Jessica concocts a plan to get her into a supermax prison overnight in order to catch Kilgrave talking his way to her cell. Despite Trish trying to talk her out of it, she almost goes through with the plan before Kilgrave makes an unconventional appearance at the police station, forcing Jessica to leave the station and no cop to follow her. Appearances from Kilgrave have become more frequent but still everytime creates so much tension with the horrible acts he sets up. This time holding every cop in the station at gun point to persuade Jessica to leave.

Kilgrave later proclaims that he will never use his powers on Jessica, as he wishes to win her over, stating that she was the one that got away and how he's obsessed with her. There is no doubt that this is stalker like behaviour, but David Tennant was definitely the right man for this part. You are aware of his presence when he's on set (I'm not just talking about the purple suit), he has a certain aura about him that makes you want to see more of him! A terrific actor nonetheless in quite a unique role.

Other mentions in this episode go to Jessica's visit to her old house and having flash backs of her leaving with her newly adopted mother and a young Trish (or Patsy). Our first look at Jessica's past lets us see how tough it was for her to live with a horrible woman like her adopted mother and a very noticeable bruise on a young Trish's neck suggests they both suffered together.

So Jessica stopping at her old house owned by Kilgrave, hmmmm... I wonder what episode eight will have in store for us!

Marvel's Jessica Jones: Episode 8

An uneasy episode to watch 'AKA WWJD', but nonetheless this show plays off the unsettling atmosphere in great fashion with both our Heroin and Villain living in the same house together.

Throughout the episode we learnt much of Jessica's past before her families car crash and about the tormented childhood of Kilgrave. It was weird to feel slightly sorry for Kilgrave after he showed Jessica the clip of his parents extracting Cerebral Spinal Fluid from him as a child. As unsettling as it was to watch this you actually believe in Jessica's attempt to redeem Kilgrave and make him use his powers for good. The fact is if Jessica could turn Kilgrave's intentions to help people rather than himself is quite extraordinary and would probably physically and mentally drain Jessica, energy that could be better used to help other people.

Fortunately Jessica's plan was not to help Kilgrave but to trap him, gaining his trust enough so he
would eat food she bought for him. Poisoning the food of his servants but not his was a clever tactic that Jessica used so she could knock him unconscious herself and get Kilgrave to eat the food. I was a little relieved to see Jessica had already planned the capture and was not attempting to make him a hero. As Jessica noted that his horrible childhood does not excuse his actions it would have seemed like Jessica had a different approach to the problem of Kilgrave.

The appearance of Simpson was in a way quite relieving, showing that even though he doesn't like Jessica he still came to her rescue. That was only after he set the bomb though, which didn't even go off and instead was returned to him by one of the neighbours in a bag. Surely he must have known that Kilgrave was going to retaliate after the discovery of the bomb.

This episode was mainly focused on Kilgrave and Jessica, leaving little room for anything else to make it's way into the mix. David Tennant has probably seen the most amount of screen time in this episode, showing some dark moments, like when he ordered his servants to "remove the skin from each others faces." It was comments like this that continued to distance Kilgrave from the audience. Both David Tennant and Kristen Ritter played their parts exceptionally well in this episode, showing how different the two characters are yet oddly similar in their harsh tones and aggressive actions.

Jessica still intends to expose Kilgrave as the killer of Hope's parents and have her cleared of all charges, and I wonder how she intends to do this in episode nine!

Marvel's Jessica Jones: Episode 9

Kilgrave trapped behind glass, Jessica Psychologically torturing him, it seems like positions have changed between these two in "AKA Sin Bin" which builds up to some of the most tense 10 minutes that I've seen in any TV show!

The meeting of Kilgrave's parents led to the
explanation behind all the experiments conducted on their son, explaining that his powers are a side affect of a virus. When this was explained it seemed like too much information was being told about the character, taking the edge away from Kilgrave and making him seem like a victim rather than a sadistic villain. But after his parents explained what kind of child he was like it lessened the effect and distanced any kind of sentimental feelings being felt for him. The fact that he was an evil child would explain why Jessica couldn't find out much information on his parents, as they ran away from him and started new lives elsewhere.

All the drama surrounding Hogarth's little storyline has seemed a little pointless until now. Beginning Kilgrave's plan to escape they both make a deal, that if Hogarth helps him escape he will have Wendy (Hogarth's soon to be ex-wife) sign the divorce papers, fortunately it doesn't come to this but shows how cold Hogarth is by taking advantage of the current situation for her own means.

But then it all starts, later Jessica returns with Kilgrave's parents in an attempt to get proof that his powers are real. I knew something would go wrong when they both stepped into that tank. But from here the whole situation escalated, with Trish holding Clemons at gun point, Kilgrave eventually gains control after Jessica's safety controls fail, leading to the death of Kilgrave's mother. From here even Trish nearly died as Kilgrave told her to "Put a bullet in you're skull, Patsy!" fortunately she was out of bullets from shooting the glass to free Kilgrave. Even Trish screwing up in a series of catastrophes! But amongst all the action we do learn one thing, Jessica now being immune to Kilgrave's powers!

Now, other mentions go to some comic book references, I don't know a lot about the Jessica Jones side of Marvel's Comics but I do know, after doing some reading, that Will Traval's Simpson will be an adaptation of Nuke, the super soldier from the comics. Taking a red pill that heightens all senses and increases strength and reducing pain, the medicine for the perfect warrior. The last we see of Simpson is him downing a red pill in his hospital bed. I'm afraid we'll have to wait and see what he does in the next episode!

In my opinion, by far the best episode yet! We've discovered so much, one of the strangest side stories has finally found its way into the mix and so much action! We'll just have to wait and see what episode ten brings!

Marvel's Jessica Jones: Episode 10

We continue on from episode nine as "AKA 1,000 cuts" begins by following Kilgrave and Hogarth from the secluded building to the house of Hogarth's wife.

With Kilgrave ordering Hogarth to drive to "someone she trusts" it shows that Hogarth maybe isn't completely over Wendy. But then things turned dark when Kilgrave ordered Wendy to kill Hogarth by 1,000 cuts, resulting in her chasing Hogarth around the house cutting her at every available point, including one cringe worthy moment with Jeri grabbing the knife in an attempt to stop her. But it all comes to a bloody end with Pam (Jeri's new girlfriend) battering Wendy over the head and killing her. But it was at this moment Pam finally saw how cold and evil Hogarth was, eventually ending up with her being left alone. This could be the start of a potential super villain in the series, she has nothing to lose now she just has to realise that she can do it.

Continuing with Simpson he turns up at the place where Kilgrave was held captive, he and Clemons
talk for a while in a very unsettling manner as Simpson always seemed like he was going to shoot someone. That is exactly what he did killing Clemons and then burning all the evidence of Kilgrave even the recorded proof that Jessica needed to get him put away. This showed that Simpson had totally lost it as he continues his relentless search for Kilgrave. Annoyingly though, Jessica had lost the one man and evidence needed to have any chance of helping Hope get out of jail.

As the episode progressed we saw Jessica capture Kilgrave, yet again and the 'Kilgrave survivors group' hear Malcolm express his feelings on the Ruben situation as he helped clear up the body. Unaware of Robyn listening over the conversation as she successfully gathers together the members of the group to revolt against Jessica. This I don't understand and quite frankly is a little frustrating with Jessica capturing Kilgrave again and could easily overpower the group members, yet ends up unconscious and Kilgrave freed. This part seems a little out of place, Robyn comes across as a very deluded and strange person which gives very little motive for the people of the group to listen to her. As a character outside the main storyline she fits quite well, but now she's involved it just seems strange.

Although this disturbance sets up the last few minutes quite nicely with Jessica and Kilgrave's father entering the restaurant where Kilgrave is holding a now freed Hope. He also has the members of the group, Malcolm included, with nooses around their necks and ready to jump. Bringing back the amazing tense atmosphere that has been created so many times before.

I was expecting was Hope's death but what I was not expecting the way it happened, stabbing herself in the neck with a broken glass so nothing will be in Jessica's way when it comes to killing Kilgrave was a sick and twisted, yet understandable motive. But what was really Jessica's point for saving Hope was so she could prove to herself that she could be a hero and find a way out of the darkness she is shrouded in.

Other mentions go to the flashback scene where Jessica fantasizes about escaping Kilgrave's clutches when he had her under control. The part where she was imagining jumping down from a building onto a horse really showed what kind of hold Kilgrave had on her and how desperate Jessica was to leave. But even when Kilgrave nearly had her cut her own ear off also goes to show how sick a man Kilgrave is, as he almost idolises that memory and somehow thinks that Jessica would love him after all the torture he put her through.

Another action packed episode as we close in on the finale!

Episode eleven is next!

Marvel's Jessica Jones: Episode 11

Kilgrave has been at the front of everything for the past few episodes, but "AKA I've got the Blues" gives the main storyline a rest for an episode letting Jessica deal with other problems.. well getting hit by a truck and having more fights seems like more problems are starting than anything!

Fights like the one with Jessica and Trish against a drug induced Simpson which no doubt was the best fight we've seen on this show so far! First with Jessica and Simpson not holding back as they battered each other to oblivion, but then Trish steps in with "Give me the red" and finally has her moment. We were given a brief glimpse of Hellcat with her short fight against Simpson but coming out victorious sure as hell was a relief. It was great to see Trish get some action! Even if it was for a brief moment, but it was a moment well deserved given she hasn't had the best of luck with combat all season.

We delve into the past of Jessica and Trish when they were teenagers and witnessed from Jessica's
point of view how abusive and evil her step mother was to Trish. Especially the part when she was physically trying to make Trish throw up, but when Jessica stepped in and stopped her mother from hurting her, it began a strong bond between Trish and Jessica. It made the part when Trish stopped breathing all the more special, seeing the relief in Jessica's eyes that Trish was still alive! I should probably mention that the red pill has a side effect where it cuts off the respiratory system from the brain stopping Trish from breathing and needed a blue pill to counter the side effect.

This show seems to have adopted quite a few plot lines that could spin off into other shows, this episode seems to have allowed them to go elsewhere with the super soldier program that Simpson is part of, and the potential for that to be continued with it's own show or maybe even pass over into one of the other Marvel Netflix series'.

Other mentions go to Robyn's talk with Malcolm, not the most encouraging of talks and leading to Malcolm not helping Jessica with her problems and dealing with his own. This I don't like as Malcolm is easily one of the most liked characters because of his helpful nature, and his decision to turn away seems like he's given up and doesn't care anymore... I hate Robyn!

Two episodes to go and this one cleared everything out of the way for the home straight! The storyline will be coming to an end soon! I am looking forward to the outcome!!!

Marvel's Jessica Jones: Episode 12

It wasn't all that much of a surprise that Luke was under Kilgrave's control, but "AKA Take a Bloody Number" really shows off a new and improved Kilgrave who now has the potential to command people to do as he bidding for longer than twelve hours. This was one reason why I felt sorry for that man at the club who he told to stand by a fence one night, and the next night was still there.

Despite Luke being possessed by Kilgrave, both him and Jessica have a lovely moment on the rooftop of a building where Jessica is forgiven by Luke about his wife's death and shows that the two really care about each other. Making the moment where Luke is forced to fight Jessica a
scene to watch with his attempts to hold back and eventually leading to a bullet being put in Luke's brain. Although he's unbreakable, a point blank shot seems to be enough to put Luke down. Well, maybe just dormant seen as there are two more seasons featuring Luke Cage in the future! But despite it being hard to watch it was thrilling and exciting, witnessing Jessica deal with a man twice her strength and having unbreakable skin made the end of the episode intense and eye catching!

Kilgrave being pathetic and terrifying is per the norm, first nearly having his father chop his own hand off in a blender and then claiming that him and Jessica had sexual tension. But seriously his dad with his hand literally an inch away from the blade had me sucking wind through my teeth! We know he doesn't care for his father but he does need him to concoct stimulants for his powers, allowing him to grow stronger and have a longer hold on victims and control more of them. So we are yet to witness the death of his father who I imagine Kilgrave wants to murder dearly. 

After finding out that IGH were the organisation that made Simpson a super soldier and also paid for Jessica's medical bills just before she got her powers raises quite a few questions. Immediately they are looked into by Trish and could play a big part in the origin of many superheroes and Jessica.

Robyn and Malcolm both make up and become friends again, though it did seem a little strange when they threw that charger into the sea grave of Ruben. It was in fact Robyn's own way of getting closure and in a way Malcolm too as he seems to be back to his old self.

This episode definitely set up things for the finale! Episode thirteen will be the final in the series and I'm looking forward to watching the conclusion of this show!

Marvel's Jessica Jones: Episode 13

The first season ends on a bit of an odd note, but still as intense and satisfying as any ending for a show! "AKA Smile" pits Kilgrave against Jessica Jones, the entire episode builds up to that penultimate moment.

Carrying on from episode twelve Jessica takes Luke to hospital and bumps into a familiar face from the Daredevil series. Rosario Dawson returns as Claire Temple which was an interesting
crossover, agreeing to help Jessica and get Luke back to Jessica's place. It was nice to see Claire make an appearance but then we saw just a bit too much of her. She talks about her "Friend" (who we all know is Matt) which was great but seems a little too into helping Jessica and Luke than actually going back to the hospital. Even at one part when she tried to leave but Jessica easily persuaded her to stay and watch over Luke. I know he's still unconscious and in a critical condition from the bullet but I think he can handle himself. This seemed like they just wanted her there to fill up screen time before Jessica goes to look for Kilgrave. 

But that scene where the needle was pushed into Luke's eye! Ew! Just, no!

One other disturbing moment had to be when Jessica walked in on Kilgrave's father, only two of his limbs had been removed and one man was destroying one of the arms with a blender! As horrifying as this was, you have got to commend the imagination of the collaborators. The man was told by Kilgrave to "Remove him from the face of the Earth" and the awful way this was carried out was definitely unexpected and highly creative! Kilgrave later sends large groups of people after Jessica in her pursuit of the villain. These showing Kilgrave is at the height of his power with the ability to command large groups of people and although his father's death wasn't a show of power, it definitely was messier and more evil than any other of his orders.

Now we have the terrific final confrontation that has been long awaited in this series! With Jessica entering the building with her head down and headphones on was a clever idea to block out Kilgrave. But when it turned out to be Trish it was more impressive, cops shooting at Jessica and Kilgrave ordering a group of people to kill themselves. Turning out to be the action packed finale that was anticipated! 

Trish losing her headphones in the brawl with those people led to her being caught by Kilgrave as he boasted about taking her away from Jessica. Both at this point under his control, he includes the title of the episode by telling Jessica to "Smile". This being quite a dark and discomforting moment in the episode, but Jessica telling Trish instead of Kilgrave that she loves her proved that Jessica was just playing along with Kilgrave's game, making me smile once I realised. That then led to her finally grabbing Kilgrave by the neck, having him where she wanted him, and snapping it. 

This wasn't a triumphant moment for our heroin seeming to be quite an anti-climactic moment as well but was certainly needed to end the story. Kilgrave needed to die despite how well David Tennant portrayed the role, he was a uniquely evil character in the MCU and just as notorious than most of the other super villains. 

Another touching moment between Jessica and Trish when Jessica was released from jail as they hugged, but even after all this it didn't make Jessica feel much better about herself despite the fact she has earned the respect of people around her.

Well that's it for Marvel's Jessica Jones, a great series and enjoyable to watch and write about!

Thank your for reading! :)

Marvel's Jessica Jones: Character Reviews

The characters more than anything in Jessica Jones made the show unique! They fitted into the storyline well and made themselves stand-out at one point or another.

Jessica Jones:

In a twisty and unpredictable narrative Kristen Ritter as Jessica Jones led the way brilliantly! She brought the rough and edgy characteristics to Jessica that made her an unexpected heroin, but a likeable one. Despite how Jessica felt about herself we were with her form the start as she tried to prove to herself she was worthy of heroin status. Saving Hope was how she was going to do that and even after how much work and the lengths she went to, she still wasn't convinced. In doing this she has earned the respect of us and other characters but she has a long way to go to prove she is a worthy heroin to save humanity. Some of her choices her irrational and mean, for example when she chose to push Malcolm into that trolley so she could sneak into the drugs cabinet at the hospital was a moment I wasn't happy with. Another being Kilgrave being kept hostage in a tank, psychologically and physically torturing him, maybe he deserved it but this isn't the way a hero goes about things. Again it does show the nitty gritty side of how Jessica works and is all part of her thinking process, but she doesn't seem to think about the consequences and how that rubs off on people. As a hero the peoples opinion matters most in order to be respected.


An evil man in a purple suit, David Tennant owned the screen when he was on it and produced some
spectacular moments as Kilgrave! Like telling that man to throw the coffee in his face, I have to admit it did make me chuckle a little, getting those kids into the closet as this was the first time we witnessed Kilgrave in action and the most disturbing the flashback scene to when he controlled Jessica. He elaborate plan to win back Jessica was done in spectacular fashion despite how disturbing it was and when Jessica found out how he survived being hit by a bus and the way he ruined other peoples lives to get healthy again. He is probably the most notorious villain in the MCU and despite what he says about his feelings for Jessica I doubt he cared about her that much seen as he didn't think about the lives he destroyed and what Jessica wanted, it was all for his personal gain. A unique villain with a unique past that had resulted in the man that tortured so many in this show.

Trish Walker:

Trish was the typical sidekick to the heroin, Rachel Taylor playing the supporting role with her own
little story had a job to both lift up a character and make her own standout. She did just that with Trish Walker being the average small time celebrity, aspiring to be a fighter like Jessica so she could protect herself. She didn't have a lot of luck with combat, first with Simpson nearly strangling her under Kilgrave's orders, and then the first time they captured Kilgrave she was electrocuted by henchman before she actually won a fight against Simpson then nearly dying because she couldn't breathe. I'm sure the 'Hellcat' of the series will eventually come into her own and establish herself as a great character alongside her best friend and sister Jessica. Although she was a great character she was blinded her attempts at proving herself, breaking off more than she could chew by taking the red pill. But a great character nonetheless who has a lot of potential to be more than she is.


Simpson was introduced when he was first controlled by Kilgrave, Will Traval however played the sympathizing cop who later turned into a psycho well. After nearly killing Trish he went back there
to explain himself, leading to the two sleeping together and beginning a rather strange relationship for a short time, his feud with Jessica was what stopped him from becoming a very likeable character, he always felt cold and distant and hard to like. He had good intentions of killing Kilgrave but we all wanted what Jessica wanted before Kilgrave was meant to die and that made us oppose the man even more and when he became 'Nuke' we saw why we were never allowed to warm to him. The red pill almost being like a drug as he became the ultimate super soldier and nearly killing Jessica. Although he was a good man he had deluded intentions that were not for the best of the people around him, like Kilgrave if he truly loved Trish he wouldn't try and kill her bestfriend.


At first Malcolm just seemed like the stereotypical drug addict who lived in the run down apartment
block with Jessica, Eka Darville turned out to be more than that as he was connected with Kilgrave and quickly became involved in the main storyline. On his road to recovery we saw him chuck drugs away, start running, join the Kilgrave survivors group and help Jessica out. He quickly became a loveable character in the show. Although he drifted away from the main plot towards the end and was involved with Robyn's search for her brother (who he knew was dead) you still felt sorry for him as he felt like he was doing the right thing. I do hope to see more of Malcolm in shows to come because he has the potential to be a great supporting character.

Luke Cage:

The man who lost everything in the show, his wife, his bar, almost his life but gained the love and respect of Jessica in doing so. Mike Colter popped in and out of the show and became part of the
story from the first episode after Jessica found out she killed his wife (under Kilgrave's orders) which was sad and strange with Luke falling out with Jessica then forgiving her later in the series. He didn't have a huge say in what happened in the show, mainly because he will be getting his own one this year which is just as exciting. But what we did see of Luke was his immense strength and unbreakable skin, he was always shrugging people off whenever they went for him which was funny to watch. I am looking forward to seeing more to Luke in his own show!

Hope Slottman:

Hope is an unfortunate soul who had a bright future but fell under Kilgrave's spell, Erin Moriarty was
possibly one of the best actors in the series as she portrayed the part of a damaged teenage girl very well, acting out some dark scenes, like when she was beaten up, when she slit her own throat and even her aborting her own baby. She spent most of her time in prison and that seemed to be the place where he grew stronger, when she was aught by Kilgrave once again I don't think she would have had the guts to kill herself so Jessica would have nothing standing between her and Kilgrave. Certainly a dark role she had to play and I only wish she had more screen time because she was great as a character, but her death was inevitable and I did see it coming.


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