Marvel's Jessica Jones: Episode 2

So you thought episode one was good? Well episode two is a step up from that! "AKA Crush Syndrome" is just as spectacular as the first episode! We finally witness the first fight scene with both Jessica Jones and Luke Cage!

Whether or not Luke Cage had his powers yet in the comics I don't know but the two definitely make a mess of those guys at Luke's bar. I didn't talk about Luke in episode one because there wasn't much to talk about, but when he displays his unbreakable skin to Jessica we know he's going to play an integral part in the series. Although we do learn that Jessica was following Luke in the first episode for her own reasons and not because someone hired her. This raises a few questions about why she felt the need to follow Luke.

Hope (Erin Moriarty), a poor young girl in the first episode who was forced to kill her own parents thanks to the devious mind of Kilgrave. She seems to have more of a part in this episode and says some nasty remarks to Jessica (telling her that she should kill herself) in a conversation about Jessica witnessing Kilgrave's apparent death. Although we do feel sorry for her, as she didn't have a choice in murdering her parents and, as she mentions, her 12 year old brother is now on his own. Moriarty portrays the part of the damaged girl well as we see how exhausted she is and how she's still trying to process what has happened.

Kilgrave is just as unsettling as we remember. We see him grant access to a house with a family, ordering the children to go in the closet before settling himself down to he eat their dinner. The clever camera angles still don't give this evil manipulator a face which makes him all that more unsettling. I am not surprised to see that this man has no empathy for the family he's about to torment. David Tennant still grasps the part perfectly, delivering some great lines like "Children should be seen and not heard. Or better still not seen and not heard!" which shows that this villain is not here to play games.
Although we do see a flashback scene to when Kilgrave had Jessica under his control, or at least attempting to regain control as she seemed to have broken free of his grasp before a bus flips over and hits him. From there he leaves a trail of clues in his wake as Jessica uncovers why he isn't dead, finding a poor Ambulance driver Kilgrave used to replace his kidneys, currently trapped in a mind of his own and begging Jessica to kill him. Pretty dark stuff but goes to show how senseless Kilgrave can be.

Other mentions include Trish Walker (Rachel Taylor), who also had a better part to play in episode 2, as we witness her training to fight. I am curious to see where this leads as she is known as Hellcat in the comics. Exciting times ahead if she joins in the fight against Kilgrave!
I did like Jessica's visit to Metro-General Hospital which is the workplace of Claire Temple from Daredevil, already connecting the two shows together.
The part when Hogarth's wife finds out about her affair is a little strange, it seems pointless and unnecessary to add this in if it comes to nothing.

Well that's it for episode two! A good episode if I may add but we will be joined later in Episode three!

Thank you for reading!!!


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