Marvel's Jessica Jones: Episode 3

Would you like some Marvel with those sex scenes? Not one, not two but three sex scenes in a MARVEL show?! Although it isn't the most graphic depiction of sex we have seen on shows like Game of Thrones, it is hard to believe a Marvel show could frequently include it. "AKA It's Called Whisky" is the third episode in the series and also my favourite episode name. After finding out they both have superpowers, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage decide that three sex scenes would be enough for this episode, and a quote from Luke Cage "Sweet Christmas!" probably had comic book fans chuckle all over the World. 

It was nice to see them discussing their abilities and other people out there with them, including "The big green dude and his crew" is an obvious reference to a somewhat World famous band of Superheroes. But later we find that their newly found bond is not all perfect, with a picture of Luke's dead wife triggering a flashback in Jessica's mind, we later discover that under the control of Kilgrave, Jessica murdered Cage's wife! This adds an interesting spark as we could see some Luke and Jessica confrontation before the series' end.

The action doesn't stop there as Trish comes under attack in her own home by a cop possessed by Kilgrave. Although Trish puts up a good fight she is overpowered by him, only for Jessica to save her at the very last minute. The fight scene is actually quite thrilling, not the level of Daredevil fight scenes but interesting to see Trish finally get some action, although she's not quite 'Hellcat' yet.
But it's from here that Jessica follows the cop back to Kilgrave who orders the possessed man to kill himself, which Jessica stops and then Hero and Villain finally see each other, as Kilgrave signals to the still possessed cop it buys him sometime to escape and Jessica to run through the house, fighting other possessed family members to find him. A great sequence it was and my favourite quote coming from David Tennant, "You ginger twat!" Being British it was nice to see some British insults making it into an American TV Show.

Jessica's succession in obtaining Surgical Anaesthetic most likely led to her friendship with Malcolm coming to an end, using him to create a distraction whilst she raids the drugs cabinet in the hospital. Just goes to show that even the protagonists use questionable methods in getting what they want.

Trish's reference to "Aliens attacking the city" is another reference to the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe), and her podcast conversation with Hope and Hogarth shows just how Hogarth can manipulate situations, making Hope sound delusional in her attempts to talk about Kilgrave live on air.

The series still continues to get better, this episode being the most action packed out of the three. I only hope it continues to get better!

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