Marvel's Jessica Jones: Episode 4

On Episode four and Jessica Jones just keeps getting better, "AKA 99 Friends" has a lot of interesting points concerning the narrative, but also focuses on how Trish, Jessica and the cop, Simpson, are dealing with the aftermath of episode three.

After Simpson turns up at Trish' to make amends for what happened it is obvious that Trish cannot fully trust him, even though she knows that now he was not under the control of Kilgrave, she still was a little sceptical about letting him into her house. Although the conversation they have creates some great images like Trish holding the gun he just gave her to the mic of her flat, ready to shoot him, and even after she trusts him enough to let him in, we see them talking over the table with her hand still on the gun. This scene really stood out as we were able to see the two connect and
find a little peace in the hectic World they live

There was one moment in this episode for Trish that seemed difficult for her and audiences to process, this was her live apology to Kilgrave on her podcast show. This moment seemed quite disturbing and forced in a desperate attempt to keep Kilgrave off her back. But it turns out later that Kilgrave is not interested in Trish as we see a little girl relay a message from Kilgrave talk to Jessica Jones in the street. Quite a sad moment in fact that Kilgrave has manipulated a little girl to do his bidding.

There is some comedy in this dark and gruelling episode as Jessica interviews a list of victims that Hogarth gathered together. Some obviously making up stories and led to some great facial expressions pulled by Jessica. Although some were genuine victims and the story of the man who left his child by the side of the road just solidifies the idea of Kilgrave being a senseless man who has no sympathy for the consequences, with the man losing his wife and facing child abandonment charges.

Malcolm being revealed as the photographer Kilgrave had following Jessica wasn't the most surprising moment, although it now makes sense why he keeps popping up everywhere. It did create a special moment when Jessica found out about Malcolm, she sheds a tear that shows she does care for Malcolm.

It was quite nice to see Jessica take on another client, even if it was a trap by some misguided people who seek revenge over people like Jessica for the death of someone during the alien invasion in the Avengers. It was quite satisfying seeing Jessica trash their place, and say probably one of the best lines I've ever heard, "You shoot at me, I'll pull the bullet out of my ruined jacket and shove it up you're ass with my pinky finger and who do you think it's gonna hurt more?" It's the humour we seemed to be coming accustomed to with Jessica.

That concludes Episode 4!

Episode 5 will be up tomorrow but Episode 6 will not be up till Monday.

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