Marvel's Jessica Jones: Episode 5

Well "AKA The sandwich saved me" is the fifth episode in the series sees more action and more excitement, and with eight more episodes to go I am looking forward to seeing how this will end for Jessica Jones.

But before the conclusion, the fifth episode pits Jessica, Trish, and Simpson against Kilgrave, as the trio attempt to capture him in order to use him as proof for Hope's case. Although we saw them succeed in their plan of capturing him, keeping him was the hard part as they were ambushed by a security team working for Kilgrave, who manage to snatch him from the back of the truck, despite
Jessica's and Simpson's attempt to beat them off.
Toward the end of the episode we see Kilgrave talking to Jessica over the phone, and asking for a picture. Presumably to keep Malcolm safe (currently hand-cuffed in her bathroom) she gives in and sends him a picture of her face. As much as it seems like she's doing this for the right reasons, from what I've learnt is that Jessica doesn't give in easy, and this is her giving in easy.

We delve into Jessica's past with a few flash back scenes but one being Jessica saving Malcolm from a mugging before meeting Kilgrave for the first time, filling in a little bit more of her past, but holes are still missing. Other flashback scenes showed her toying with the ambition of becoming a superhero, even snubbing the 'Jewel' costume from the comics but does it in the Jessica fashion: "If I wear that thing, you'll have to call me camel toe." A humorous moment nonetheless but shows how her background in the MCU contrasts with her comic book others past.

David Tennant once again shines as Kilgrave who is quickly becoming my favourite Villain in the MCU. From what I've seen he stands out to the rest of them, he doesn't hide his true self he is open about being a psychopath! We see the result of this in Malcolm, as we can see the poor man has become a drug addict thanks to the mind of Kilgrave, who has intentionally ruined Malcolm's life as he has done so many other people.

Other mentions include the surprise oral sex scene between Simpson and Trish!

The tension between Simpson and Jessica is strong; it shows that Jessica obviously doesn't like Simpson which is shown in the scene where Jessica locks him in a sound proof cell. We see them both express how they feel about each other but unable to understand each other. Including Simpson's quote, "I've seen heroes. You're not even close."

An exciting episode and a lot to talk about, we can really see how the series is progressing now and more to do with other characters around Jessica!

Thank you for reading and I'll be back with episode six!!!


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