Gods of Egypt: Trailer review

A first look at Alex Proyas' Gods of Egypt film and I have mixed thoughts about it. When I first watched the trailer I was amazed with the amount of special effects used and had a hunger for more spectacular sequences that this film has to offer. But after thinking about it a little, I don't quite get what this film is about, the trailer itself gives very little detail to the actual storyline and is merely there to wow viewers with all the fancy effects they use, check out the trailer below:


So if you haven't gathered already it goes all the way back to ancient Egypt where Gods rule instead of a Pharaoh, and as we can see two Gods are duelling for the right to rule the land. They have the ability to transform into beast form, no doubt beasts from hieroglyphs which is in fact pretty awesome! Of course the legend himself, Gerard Butler playing the role of 'Set' defeats 'Horus', played by Nikolaj Coster-Waldau. Removing his eyes as punishment for losing sends Horus into exile and two lovely mortal humans retrieve one of Horus' eyes and search for him. That is literally all we know about the story, whether it is enough to go on I don't know. But quite gruesomely Set picks Horus' eyes out, wouldn't it be more efficient to squish them? Then his eyes would never be retrieved and he would never bother Set again. 

Set being a dictator like God enslaves the population of his newly won land which motivates the two main characters to search for Horus. I don't know about you but I don't recall this story ever being told in Egyptian Mythology. This makes me more sceptical about the film as it may be a dramatised version loosely based off various different tales.

The rest of the trailer is filled with spectacular imagery and dramatic music... oh and giant snakes! Why wouldn't there be giant snakes in a film about Egyptian Gods? 

Whereas Gerard Butler is already a household name, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau has made his name on HBO's Game of Thrones and is not so well renowned by many audiences for his appearances in films, yet somehow I think that he will prove to be a great action hero in this movie  

It seems like a pretty insane movie, yet unbelievably exciting with amazing fight scenes. Whether or not it is worth spending money on to see at the cinema I don't know, it's hard to tell from a trailer but
the future trailers might convince me to see this film on the big screen. With well known faces it will no doubt grab some peoples attention, but will that be enough to grab the everyone's attention? I do believe that in order to be successful it will need a little more than famous faces and special effects to lure people into the cinema.


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