Marvel's Jessica Jones: Character Reviews

The characters more than anything in Jessica Jones made the show unique! They fitted into the storyline well and made themselves stand-out at one point or another.

Jessica Jones:

In a twisty and unpredictable narrative Kristen Ritter as Jessica Jones led the way brilliantly! She brought the rough and edgy characteristics to Jessica that made her an unexpected heroin, but a likeable one. Despite how Jessica felt about herself we were with her form the start as she tried to prove to herself she was worthy of heroin status. Saving Hope was how she was going to do that and even after how much work and the lengths she went to, she still wasn't convinced. In doing this she has earned the respect of us and other characters but she has a long way to go to prove she is a worthy heroin to save humanity. Some of her choices her irrational and mean, for example when she chose to push Malcolm into that trolley so she could sneak into the drugs cabinet at the hospital was a moment I wasn't happy with. Another being Kilgrave being kept hostage in a tank, psychologically and physically torturing him, maybe he deserved it but this isn't the way a hero goes about things. Again it does show the nitty gritty side of how Jessica works and is all part of her thinking process, but she doesn't seem to think about the consequences and how that rubs off on people. As a hero the peoples opinion matters most in order to be respected.


An evil man in a purple suit, David Tennant owned the screen when he was on it and produced some
spectacular moments as Kilgrave! Like telling that man to throw the coffee in his face, I have to admit it did make me chuckle a little, getting those kids into the closet as this was the first time we witnessed Kilgrave in action and the most disturbing the flashback scene to when he controlled Jessica. He elaborate plan to win back Jessica was done in spectacular fashion despite how disturbing it was and when Jessica found out how he survived being hit by a bus and the way he ruined other peoples lives to get healthy again. He is probably the most notorious villain in the MCU and despite what he says about his feelings for Jessica I doubt he cared about her that much seen as he didn't think about the lives he destroyed and what Jessica wanted, it was all for his personal gain. A unique villain with a unique past that had resulted in the man that tortured so many in this show.

Trish Walker:

Trish was the typical sidekick to the heroin, Rachel Taylor playing the supporting role with her own
little story had a job to both lift up a character and make her own standout. She did just that with Trish Walker being the average small time celebrity, aspiring to be a fighter like Jessica so she could protect herself. She didn't have a lot of luck with combat, first with Simpson nearly strangling her under Kilgrave's orders, and then the first time they captured Kilgrave she was electrocuted by henchman before she actually won a fight against Simpson then nearly dying because she couldn't breathe. I'm sure the 'Hellcat' of the series will eventually come into her own and establish herself as a great character alongside her best friend and sister Jessica. Although she was a great character she was blinded her attempts at proving herself, breaking off more than she could chew by taking the red pill. But a great character nonetheless who has a lot of potential to be more than she is.


Simpson was introduced when he was first controlled by Kilgrave, Will Traval however played the sympathizing cop who later turned into a psycho well. After nearly killing Trish he went back there
to explain himself, leading to the two sleeping together and beginning a rather strange relationship for a short time, his feud with Jessica was what stopped him from becoming a very likeable character, he always felt cold and distant and hard to like. He had good intentions of killing Kilgrave but we all wanted what Jessica wanted before Kilgrave was meant to die and that made us oppose the man even more and when he became 'Nuke' we saw why we were never allowed to warm to him. The red pill almost being like a drug as he became the ultimate super soldier and nearly killing Jessica. Although he was a good man he had deluded intentions that were not for the best of the people around him, like Kilgrave if he truly loved Trish he wouldn't try and kill her bestfriend.


At first Malcolm just seemed like the stereotypical drug addict who lived in the run down apartment
block with Jessica, Eka Darville turned out to be more than that as he was connected with Kilgrave and quickly became involved in the main storyline. On his road to recovery we saw him chuck drugs away, start running, join the Kilgrave survivors group and help Jessica out. He quickly became a loveable character in the show. Although he drifted away from the main plot towards the end and was involved with Robyn's search for her brother (who he knew was dead) you still felt sorry for him as he felt like he was doing the right thing. I do hope to see more of Malcolm in shows to come because he has the potential to be a great supporting character.

Luke Cage:

The man who lost everything in the show, his wife, his bar, almost his life but gained the love and respect of Jessica in doing so. Mike Colter popped in and out of the show and became part of the
story from the first episode after Jessica found out she killed his wife (under Kilgrave's orders) which was sad and strange with Luke falling out with Jessica then forgiving her later in the series. He didn't have a huge say in what happened in the show, mainly because he will be getting his own one this year which is just as exciting. But what we did see of Luke was his immense strength and unbreakable skin, he was always shrugging people off whenever they went for him which was funny to watch. I am looking forward to seeing more to Luke in his own show!

Hope Slottman:

Hope is an unfortunate soul who had a bright future but fell under Kilgrave's spell, Erin Moriarty was
possibly one of the best actors in the series as she portrayed the part of a damaged teenage girl very well, acting out some dark scenes, like when she was beaten up, when she slit her own throat and even her aborting her own baby. She spent most of her time in prison and that seemed to be the place where he grew stronger, when she was aught by Kilgrave once again I don't think she would have had the guts to kill herself so Jessica would have nothing standing between her and Kilgrave. Certainly a dark role she had to play and I only wish she had more screen time because she was great as a character, but her death was inevitable and I did see it coming.


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