Marvel's Jessica Jones: Episode 10

We continue on from episode nine as "AKA 1,000 cuts" begins by following Kilgrave and Hogarth from the secluded building to the house of Hogarth's wife.

With Kilgrave ordering Hogarth to drive to "someone she trusts" it shows that Hogarth maybe isn't completely over Wendy. But then things turned dark when Kilgrave ordered Wendy to kill Hogarth by 1,000 cuts, resulting in her chasing Hogarth around the house cutting her at every available point, including one cringe worthy moment with Jeri grabbing the knife in an attempt to stop her. But it all comes to a bloody end with Pam (Jeri's new girlfriend) battering Wendy over the head and killing her. But it was at this moment Pam finally saw how cold and evil Hogarth was, eventually ending up with her being left alone. This could be the start of a potential super villain in the series, she has nothing to lose now she just has to realise that she can do it.

Continuing with Simpson he turns up at the place where Kilgrave was held captive, he and Clemons
talk for a while in a very unsettling manner as Simpson always seemed like he was going to shoot someone. That is exactly what he did killing Clemons and then burning all the evidence of Kilgrave even the recorded proof that Jessica needed to get him put away. This showed that Simpson had totally lost it as he continues his relentless search for Kilgrave. Annoyingly though, Jessica had lost the one man and evidence needed to have any chance of helping Hope get out of jail.

As the episode progressed we saw Jessica capture Kilgrave, yet again and the 'Kilgrave survivors group' hear Malcolm express his feelings on the Ruben situation as he helped clear up the body. Unaware of Robyn listening over the conversation as she successfully gathers together the members of the group to revolt against Jessica. This I don't understand and quite frankly is a little frustrating with Jessica capturing Kilgrave again and could easily overpower the group members, yet ends up unconscious and Kilgrave freed. This part seems a little out of place, Robyn comes across as a very deluded and strange person which gives very little motive for the people of the group to listen to her. As a character outside the main storyline she fits quite well, but now she's involved it just seems strange.

Although this disturbance sets up the last few minutes quite nicely with Jessica and Kilgrave's father entering the restaurant where Kilgrave is holding a now freed Hope. He also has the members of the group, Malcolm included, with nooses around their necks and ready to jump. Bringing back the amazing tense atmosphere that has been created so many times before.

I was expecting was Hope's death but what I was not expecting the way it happened, stabbing herself in the neck with a broken glass so nothing will be in Jessica's way when it comes to killing Kilgrave was a sick and twisted, yet understandable motive. But what was really Jessica's point for saving Hope was so she could prove to herself that she could be a hero and find a way out of the darkness she is shrouded in.

Other mentions go to the flashback scene where Jessica fantasizes about escaping Kilgrave's clutches when he had her under control. The part where she was imagining jumping down from a building onto a horse really showed what kind of hold Kilgrave had on her and how desperate Jessica was to leave. But even when Kilgrave nearly had her cut her own ear off also goes to show how sick a man Kilgrave is, as he almost idolises that memory and somehow thinks that Jessica would love him after all the torture he put her through.

Another action packed episode as we close in on the finale!

Episode eleven is next!


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