Marvel's Jessica Jones: Episode 11

Kilgrave has been at the front of everything for the past few episodes, but "AKA I've got the Blues" gives the main storyline a rest for an episode letting Jessica deal with other problems.. well getting hit by a truck and having more fights seems like more problems are starting than anything!

Fights like the one with Jessica and Trish against a drug induced Simpson which no doubt was the best fight we've seen on this show so far! First with Jessica and Simpson not holding back as they battered each other to oblivion, but then Trish steps in with "Give me the red" and finally has her moment. We were given a brief glimpse of Hellcat with her short fight against Simpson but coming out victorious sure as hell was a relief. It was great to see Trish get some action! Even if it was for a brief moment, but it was a moment well deserved given she hasn't had the best of luck with combat all season.

We delve into the past of Jessica and Trish when they were teenagers and witnessed from Jessica's
point of view how abusive and evil her step mother was to Trish. Especially the part when she was physically trying to make Trish throw up, but when Jessica stepped in and stopped her mother from hurting her, it began a strong bond between Trish and Jessica. It made the part when Trish stopped breathing all the more special, seeing the relief in Jessica's eyes that Trish was still alive! I should probably mention that the red pill has a side effect where it cuts off the respiratory system from the brain stopping Trish from breathing and needed a blue pill to counter the side effect.

This show seems to have adopted quite a few plot lines that could spin off into other shows, this episode seems to have allowed them to go elsewhere with the super soldier program that Simpson is part of, and the potential for that to be continued with it's own show or maybe even pass over into one of the other Marvel Netflix series'.

Other mentions go to Robyn's talk with Malcolm, not the most encouraging of talks and leading to Malcolm not helping Jessica with her problems and dealing with his own. This I don't like as Malcolm is easily one of the most liked characters because of his helpful nature, and his decision to turn away seems like he's given up and doesn't care anymore... I hate Robyn!

Two episodes to go and this one cleared everything out of the way for the home straight! The storyline will be coming to an end soon! I am looking forward to the outcome!!!


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