Marvel's Jessica Jones: Episode 12

It wasn't all that much of a surprise that Luke was under Kilgrave's control, but "AKA Take a Bloody Number" really shows off a new and improved Kilgrave who now has the potential to command people to do as he bidding for longer than twelve hours. This was one reason why I felt sorry for that man at the club who he told to stand by a fence one night, and the next night was still there.

Despite Luke being possessed by Kilgrave, both him and Jessica have a lovely moment on the rooftop of a building where Jessica is forgiven by Luke about his wife's death and shows that the two really care about each other. Making the moment where Luke is forced to fight Jessica a
scene to watch with his attempts to hold back and eventually leading to a bullet being put in Luke's brain. Although he's unbreakable, a point blank shot seems to be enough to put Luke down. Well, maybe just dormant seen as there are two more seasons featuring Luke Cage in the future! But despite it being hard to watch it was thrilling and exciting, witnessing Jessica deal with a man twice her strength and having unbreakable skin made the end of the episode intense and eye catching!

Kilgrave being pathetic and terrifying is per the norm, first nearly having his father chop his own hand off in a blender and then claiming that him and Jessica had sexual tension. But seriously his dad with his hand literally an inch away from the blade had me sucking wind through my teeth! We know he doesn't care for his father but he does need him to concoct stimulants for his powers, allowing him to grow stronger and have a longer hold on victims and control more of them. So we are yet to witness the death of his father who I imagine Kilgrave wants to murder dearly. 

After finding out that IGH were the organisation that made Simpson a super soldier and also paid for Jessica's medical bills just before she got her powers raises quite a few questions. Immediately they are looked into by Trish and could play a big part in the origin of many superheroes and Jessica.

Robyn and Malcolm both make up and become friends again, though it did seem a little strange when they threw that charger into the sea grave of Ruben. It was in fact Robyn's own way of getting closure and in a way Malcolm too as he seems to be back to his old self.

This episode definitely set up things for the finale! Episode thirteen will be the final in the series and I'm looking forward to watching the conclusion of this show!


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