Marvel's Jessica Jones: Episode 13

The first season ends on a bit of an odd note, but still as intense and satisfying as any ending for a show! "AKA Smile" pits Kilgrave against Jessica Jones, the entire episode builds up to that penultimate moment.

Carrying on from episode twelve Jessica takes Luke to hospital and bumps into a familiar face from the Daredevil series. Rosario Dawson returns as Claire Temple which was an interesting
crossover, agreeing to help Jessica and get Luke back to Jessica's place. It was nice to see Claire make an appearance but then we saw just a bit too much of her. She talks about her "Friend" (who we all know is Matt) which was great but seems a little too into helping Jessica and Luke than actually going back to the hospital. Even at one part when she tried to leave but Jessica easily persuaded her to stay and watch over Luke. I know he's still unconscious and in a critical condition from the bullet but I think he can handle himself. This seemed like they just wanted her there to fill up screen time before Jessica goes to look for Kilgrave. 

But that scene where the needle was pushed into Luke's eye! Ew! Just, no!

One other disturbing moment had to be when Jessica walked in on Kilgrave's father, only two of his limbs had been removed and one man was destroying one of the arms with a blender! As horrifying as this was, you have got to commend the imagination of the collaborators. The man was told by Kilgrave to "Remove him from the face of the Earth" and the awful way this was carried out was definitely unexpected and highly creative! Kilgrave later sends large groups of people after Jessica in her pursuit of the villain. These showing Kilgrave is at the height of his power with the ability to command large groups of people and although his father's death wasn't a show of power, it definitely was messier and more evil than any other of his orders.

Now we have the terrific final confrontation that has been long awaited in this series! With Jessica entering the building with her head down and headphones on was a clever idea to block out Kilgrave. But when it turned out to be Trish it was more impressive, cops shooting at Jessica and Kilgrave ordering a group of people to kill themselves. Turning out to be the action packed finale that was anticipated! 

Trish losing her headphones in the brawl with those people led to her being caught by Kilgrave as he boasted about taking her away from Jessica. Both at this point under his control, he includes the title of the episode by telling Jessica to "Smile". This being quite a dark and discomforting moment in the episode, but Jessica telling Trish instead of Kilgrave that she loves her proved that Jessica was just playing along with Kilgrave's game, making me smile once I realised. That then led to her finally grabbing Kilgrave by the neck, having him where she wanted him, and snapping it. 

This wasn't a triumphant moment for our heroin seeming to be quite an anti-climactic moment as well but was certainly needed to end the story. Kilgrave needed to die despite how well David Tennant portrayed the role, he was a uniquely evil character in the MCU and just as notorious than most of the other super villains. 

Another touching moment between Jessica and Trish when Jessica was released from jail as they hugged, but even after all this it didn't make Jessica feel much better about herself despite the fact she has earned the respect of people around her.

Well that's it for Marvel's Jessica Jones, a great series and enjoyable to watch and write about!

Thank your for reading! :)


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