Marvel's Jessica Jones: Episode 6

Episode six pushes the boundaries even further than any other episode. "AKA You're a winner!" shows the result of one of Kilgrave's most vile and horrific acts yet, coming in the form of a baby and his latest victim, Hope, who is still coming to terms with what he did.

With the end of episode five showing Hope getting beaten by a cell mate in the night, we learn early in this episode it is because Hope is pregnant with Kilgrave's child and paid her for the beating. This is a situation that could have been easily
avoided by the collaborators but shows how different this marvel series is compared to some of the others who would censor gritty details like this. It is hard not to be disturbed by this and by Kilgrave who is shown with no sympathy for his victims and takes what he wants from them. Hope who has been through so much already even expresses how she can't fathom the thought of giving birth to a physical reminder of Kilgrave. Erin Moriarty is again brilliant in portraying the character in a situation that many young women would not be able to deal with, it is even implied by Jessica that Kilgrave has raped her too and has a completely different way of dealing with it than Hope.

Hogarth gives Hope a pill to kill the growing foetus inside her but intends to keep it for herself, leaving it open for a lot of questions to be asked about her creepy intentions. Being a self centred character we can only assume she wants it for her own bidding and that makes it even creepier! Considering she has quite a powerful role in Jessica Jones, has Carie-Anne Moss' character begun another story line that could potentially pass over into another season? It could also pass over into another show considering that's what Marvel are angling with this and Daredevil, but these are notable plots that have been introduced at an interesting time in the show.

Luke returns with a case for Jessica that both venture on. But it turns out to be dangerous for Jessica as it leads towards the truth behind the death of Luke's wife. To save the life of another Jessica reveals the truth behind her death, and we see yet another character drift from Jessica's side as Luke tells Jessica, "I was wrong, you are a piece of s**t!"
I would also like to point out yet another "Sweet Christmas" line from Luke when he sees all the weed and then getting his own fight scene. It was nice to see Luke get some more action!

Kilgrave travelling to the suburbs to buy a house was a bit strange, not using his powers to buy the house and instead offers the owner 1.26 million dollars, twice what it's worth to but it does seem a little odd that he doesn't use his powers to buy the house and there is no definitive answer to why he doesn't. Perhaps it being Jessica's childhood home, it would mean something to Kilgrave if he won the house rather than telling the owner to give him the keys and get out straight away.

Episode six sets the stage for future episodes and I can't wait to see how it all unravels!

I will be back with Episode seven soon!


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