Marvel's Jessica Jones: Episode 7

Awwwwwwww no Ruben!!! :'( He was so innocent! "AKA Top Shelf Perverts" sees the show transition into much darker territory with the gruesome death of a character no one could hate.

Robyn and Ruben, a strange couple of twins
living above Jessica's apartment have popped in and out throughout the show, but now have been brought to the centre of the action after Ruben (in love with Jessica), catches Kilgrave in her apartment whilst delivering banana bread. We can only think that after Ruben told Kilgrave that he loves her, Kilgrave's his jealousy kicked in. Leading to Jessica discovering Ruben's bloody corpse in the morning. Showing how Kilgrave is now directly addressing Jessica with his messages as they have more of a sinister and evil impact.

This nearly pushes Jessica to the brink, and why wouldn't it? As extreme as it is Jessica concocts a plan to get her into a supermax prison overnight in order to catch Kilgrave talking his way to her cell. Despite Trish trying to talk her out of it, she almost goes through with the plan before Kilgrave makes an unconventional appearance at the police station, forcing Jessica to leave the station and no cop to follow her. Appearances from Kilgrave have become more frequent but still everytime creates so much tension with the horrible acts he sets up. This time holding every cop in the station at gun point to persuade Jessica to leave.

Kilgrave later proclaims that he will never use his powers on Jessica, as he wishes to win her over, stating that she was the one that got away and how he's obsessed with her. There is no doubt that this is stalker like behaviour, but David Tennant was definitely the right man for this part. You are aware of his presence when he's on set (I'm not just talking about the purple suit), he has a certain aura about him that makes you want to see more of him! A terrific actor nonetheless in quite a unique role.

Other mentions in this episode go to Jessica's visit to her old house and having flash backs of her leaving with her newly adopted mother and a young Trish (or Patsy). Our first look at Jessica's past lets us see how tough it was for her to live with a horrible woman like her adopted mother and a very noticeable bruise on a young Trish's neck suggests they both suffered together.

So Jessica stopping at her old house owned by Kilgrave, hmmmm... I wonder what episode eight will have in store for us!


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