Marvel's Jessica Jones: Episode 9

Kilgrave trapped behind glass, Jessica Psychologically torturing him, it seems like positions have changed between these two in "AKA Sin Bin" which builds up to some of the most tense 10 minutes that I've seen in any TV show!

The meeting of Kilgrave's parents led to the
explanation behind all the experiments conducted on their son, explaining that his powers are a side affect of a virus. When this was explained it seemed like too much information was being told about the character, taking the edge away from Kilgrave and making him seem like a victim rather than a sadistic villain. But after his parents explained what kind of child he was like it lessened the effect and distanced any kind of sentimental feelings being felt for him. The fact that he was an evil child would explain why Jessica couldn't find out much information on his parents, as they ran away from him and started new lives elsewhere.

All the drama surrounding Hogarth's little storyline has seemed a little pointless until now. Beginning Kilgrave's plan to escape they both make a deal, that if Hogarth helps him escape he will have Wendy (Hogarth's soon to be ex-wife) sign the divorce papers, fortunately it doesn't come to this but shows how cold Hogarth is by taking advantage of the current situation for her own means.

But then it all starts, later Jessica returns with Kilgrave's parents in an attempt to get proof that his powers are real. I knew something would go wrong when they both stepped into that tank. But from here the whole situation escalated, with Trish holding Clemons at gun point, Kilgrave eventually gains control after Jessica's safety controls fail, leading to the death of Kilgrave's mother. From here even Trish nearly died as Kilgrave told her to "Put a bullet in you're skull, Patsy!" fortunately she was out of bullets from shooting the glass to free Kilgrave. Even Trish screwing up in a series of catastrophes! But amongst all the action we do learn one thing, Jessica now being immune to Kilgrave's powers!

Now, other mentions go to some comic book references, I don't know a lot about the Jessica Jones side of Marvel's Comics but I do know, after doing some reading, that Will Traval's Simpson will be an adaptation of Nuke, the super soldier from the comics. Taking a red pill that heightens all senses and increases strength and reducing pain, the medicine for the perfect warrior. The last we see of Simpson is him downing a red pill in his hospital bed. I'm afraid we'll have to wait and see what he does in the next episode!

In my opinion, by far the best episode yet! We've discovered so much, one of the strangest side stories has finally found its way into the mix and so much action! We'll just have to wait and see what episode ten brings!


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