Suicide Squad Poster number 2

Suicide Squad is movie that'll make my summer when it comes out. It'll be nice to have a break from Marvel and dive into the darker universe that DC has set up for us! This we can see in the poster with the mad and sinister look the it has given us, the illuminated purple with hints of green and blue gives it a maniac like look to it and nothing like the empowering image we saw of the Justice League in the new art work released yesterday.

We haven't heard much about the Joker, but much of Jared Leto's form has been kept secret and his contribution to Suicide Squad. All we have heard are the stories of him being on set and the kind of things he's done for the sake of the role. Yet we see him in this poster standing away from the group and over the 'X' which suggests that the character plays a bigger role than we thought, which was quite obvious anyway but it makes one wonder what he will be doing in the film.

Although there have been rumours that he will be more of a free lancer and distant from the other villains in this film, which would explain why he hasn't been included in much of the group stuff.

Yet not a lot can be said for the other characters as they huddle together in the centre, all with serious faces ready to fight, apart from Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn who is smiling and waving at us. This could suggest that she'll be a unique character and do things differently to the other members of the team. If you've seen old Batman cartoons or read comics then you'll know Harley Quinn isn't known for her sanity!

August is a long way away and we still have Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice to go first in the DC realm. It may seem like ages away but I'm sure Suicide Squad will be here in no time!

Thanks for reading! :)


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