Top 10 Shows: American Horror Story

At number nine we have American Horror Story. This show is unlike any show on TV, it's storylines are always filled with action and information for the audience to think about and has created some great characters over the five seasons so far!

The events that occur in the series are, well, sometimes more than what I expected but never ceases to amaze! With a different set of characters each season and a different story it shows how impeccable to acting is with the same cast performing very differently from season to season. One example is Evan Peters who has been involved in every season so far has played six different characters and each one has been unique in their own way. In Season one  his character, Tate Langdon, was a psychopath with a soft spot for Taissa Farmiga's character Violet Harmon. Then in season 3 he played a Frankenstein's monster like character for the majority of the season which involved showing emotion through a shell of a body. Proving that the actors and their characters are essential to the story and one of the many reasons why I enjoy the show!

One other factor I look forward to each season is the opening title sequence. Despite how odd it can be it is also intriguing and enjoyable to watch. It really does give you an idea of what to expect from the season as it suits the theme of the season!

Although despite all that is good about this show there are a few things that I dislike that keep it from being any higher than ninth. Especially in season three the writing wasn't perfect, although in the other season the writing has been pretty good there have been moments where it seemed a little out of place, more so than other shows. Although other shows probably have this too it seemed to have stuck out a bit more in this show at times. It could just be me in thinking that though!

Another being season 3. I felt it necessary to mention it but in my opinion American Horror Story: Coven was the poorest season and stands out enough for me to mention it. Almost every aspect just didn't live up to the standards of the other seasons despite the fact it had the potential to be much more than it was!

So that's it for number 9, American Horror Story makes the list but what makes number 8?

Thank you for reading :)


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