Marvel's Daredevil Season 2: Episode 8

This episode is like a blast back to season one with so many elements barge their way into season two like a steam train. In an episode that see's friendships crumble, Matt and Elektra facing some of their most difficult foes yet, oh and did I mention Stick? Well he joins in to and we also see a huge change in the 'Trial of the Century'. This episode really is just as compelling as the last and it's safe to say that this season is nothing like season one in terms of story arc's!

With the return of Stick as he jumps into help Matt and Elektra out with The Hands men, Matt finds it extremely difficult to fight them with only hearing their swords as I presume they have been trained to have a low heart rate and hardly to ever exhale. Which is pretty cool as it looked like Matt would
be unstoppable but this brings us to the realisation that even Daredevil has his limits and this proving to be quite a worrying one. But when Stick jumped in I felt quite relieved to see him as Matt was getting beaten and Elektra was bleeding out on the floor. Although his appearance usually sparks problems for Matt to deal with, problems that Matt can't deal with right now and low and behold it does as he finds out Elektra's true intentions to befriending him ten years ago. It turns out Elektra has known Stick for some time and he made it her mission to convince Matt to come to their side for 'The War'. The whole concept of the war is still a little hazy but a lot was explained about the organisation they are fighting and why Stick wants Matt to join him. It was a nice surprise finding out why Elektra came back to Matt after so many years and a nice tie to the overarching storyline. Although now it makes it very difficult for Matt to commit to his night life and job as a lawyer, if him and Foggy ever recover from the row they had.

Karen walking in on Matt with Elektra in his bed and Stick answering the door must have been a strange situation for Karen. But considering how bad it looked it's safe to say the two aren't together anymore and it officially means that Matt has now pissed off both of his closest friends which is rather sad. It didn't particularly last very long but it was just starting to really work for the two of them and it was sad to see it all turn sour. As for Foggy, well, I do think him and Matt aren't going to be partners anymore after Foggy invited Matt to come and question Frank at his own trial. Whilst doing this Matt gave a very promising speech in his name but Frank being manipulated by an officer ignored this and confirmed his jail sentence and the end of Nelson and Murdock Law Firm. All of this and Foggy blames it on Matt, only that this time it wasn't Matt's fault but it see's the rift getting worse between them.

The end of the episode saw probably the best return suitable for the 'King Pin' of Marvel. Not much of a clue? Well Frank walks into the Jail Gym to meet Wilson Fisk (obviously the man behind him getting Frank in jail), Fisk is currently lifting very heavy weights as he stops and turns to meet Frank. For me this was a great way for the great villain to return and boy am I happy to see him!

This episode was great in the sense that characters returned and more is added to the main storyline, also with Frank meeting Fisk it raises questions as to what Fisk would want with Frank. To be honest I really cannot wait to see in the next episode!

I Salute you for reading! :)


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