Top 10 shows: Chuck

The show started in 2007 but I started watching it in 2012 the year it ended. This was the first show I really got into and binged watched when I found it and loved almost every minute of it!

For those who don't know what the show is about, ex college student Charles Bartowski also known as Chuck (Zachary Levi) works at his dead end job at a 'Buy More'. But one day his old college friend Brice Larkin (Matthew Bomer) sends him loads of encrypted images of all the governments' secrets as a program known as the Intersect. Chuck looks at the images and they are transferred into his brain, making him the single most important man in the United States. The CSI and NSA send two of their best agents to protect Chuck, Sarah Walker (Yvonne Strahovski) and John Casey (Adam Baldwin) are those agents!

It has been over a year since I've watched Chuck but the show blossomed beautifully after season one, creating lovable and loathable characters across all five seasons. Zachary Levi couldn't have been better as Chuck, it was a role perfect for him and the character is as lovable as any. He doesn't use guns and doesn't kill people and his soft personality usually got him in harms way, relying on his handler and love interest Sarah to save him. As the series progressed Chuck matured and eventually learned how to protect himself, becoming more and more like a spy, but he managed to keep hold of his good qualities whilst become a better fighter. The relationship between Chuck and Sarah is what drove the show forward, also backed up by his relationship with his sister Ellie (Sarah Lancaster) and her husband Devon (Ryan McPartlin), and who could forget Casey and his best friend Morgan Grimes (Joshua Gomez). This is what I love about this show, his relationship with the people closest to him as it shows the true values of friends and family. 

Chuck and Sarah's relationship throughout the show always pushed each of them to their limits, but the ending of season five may have seemed rushed to some people I believe it was a sad and good ending at the same time. I don't think I have ever felt so many emotions at the end of a show. But it's really the way Chuck's kindness and gentle qualities manage to flatter Sarah who comes across as insecure due to a troubled past. I say insecure because of the unorthodox men she's had in her past, her con man father and ex boyfriend spy Brice Larkin. So getting close to Chuck was difficult for her at first but it was the story of how the two got together that proved to the audience they should have been together from the start. The fact that I could get into watching their relationship progress really proved to me why this show should be on my list. 

Now, who can forget two characters that made the show what it was? Lester and Jeff or 'Jeffster' (their bands name) who provided great comical appearances. When the show needed a break from the storyline Jeff and Lester were there with the Buy More and Morgan to provide a side story that was so ridiculous you had to see more of it! The way that it would also intertwine with the main story occasionally would create suspense and tension with Chuck's attempts to hide his secret to keep his friends safe. The people of the Buy More helped make the show what it was, giving a bad impression of how an electronics store is run but Chuck would not have been the same without it.

One thing I didn't like about this show was the writing in the first season. I can accept that it was the first season of a new show and things aren't going to flow and stuff will stand out. But for me a lot of stuff stood out and it would divert my attention too often and could have easily been avoided. Another being the acting in places, particularly in the earlier seasons the acting was off, the main actors were fine because they matured along with their characters but more of the side character annoyed me with the way they would under perform and it is these two things that take Chuck down my list in seventh. It could just be me thinking that but it frustrates me greatly to see those characters and put a dent on an otherwise brilliant show. This isn't a flaw in the show but another reason why it is quite far down my list is because their isn't as much depth to the narrative compared to the shows above it, this I don't mind but it keeps me from getting involved more with the show.

That's it for number seven on my list; join me next week for the sixth show on my list!

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  1. Great Blog. I've enjoyed reading your reviews and lists and look forward to the future reviews. With Chuck (my favorite all time show by the way) I think you need to go back and watch season 1 a couple more times to really enjoy the season. Although I agree that some of the characters are not quite formed yet, I would say that even the Buy Morons are hitting their stride by mid-season. Unfortunately, and probably because there are so many characters, each character develops at a different pace in season 1. Chuck and Sarah hit the ground running from the very first episode. Casey takes until the third episode (Tango) to get up to speed. Morgan is much better after the Pilot, and takes leaps and bounds each episode. To me, Morgan is the most evolving character in the show. As for the rest of the Buy Morons, I think they start hitting the mark by Nemesis, and I think that mainly has to do with the writers discovering what works and what doesn't. At first, the Buy More staff was a typical collection of the type of workers you hate to work with. As it evolved, they became more of a caricature of the workplace environment, much like the Bundy's were as an American Family in Married With Children.
    Anyway, I look forward to the rest of your top 10 list, and hope you get a chance to re-watch Chuck Season 1...and maybe even move it up on your list. :)

    1. Thank you for commenting I really appreciate it! I do agree with you I do need to go back and watch it a few more times, writing this really sparked my interest again! Reading back I probably was a little harsh with the elements in season 1 I think it is a great season. It was just those details that stood out for me when I was watching it, for me season 2 and 3 were my favourite seasons mainly because of Chuck and Sarah's relationship but that is emphasised a lot in season 1 as well! I hope I don't disappoint with what's left of my top 10 list! :)


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