Top 10 Shows: Daredevil

At number eight on my list is 'Daredevil' the show on Netflix that immediately caught my eye because of the in depth story and eye catching fight scenes!

The blind lawyer by day and superhero by night is my favourite superhero of all time; he's something different as a blind crime fighter who relies on his other senses which are at superhuman level. Him being a blind lawyer in Hell's Kitchen is the perfect cover for his hero side, allowing him to have a hand in helping people by the law and by acting as a vigilante if it is out of his hands. His senses also help him to determine whether or not someone is lying by listening to their heartbeat which is a great advantage. His character in the show is played brilliantly by Charlie Cox, and the fight scenes are delicately choreographed and shot at the right angle for one to keep interested. These days many fight scenes have a lot of quick fast paced cuts and although these scenes are fast paced with cuts it is not overdone and they are timed perfectly.

Elden Henson's Foggy and Deborah Ann Woll's Karen Page prove to be great supporting roles. All three of them work well together and Foggy and Matt's friendship are backed up by past stories that are brought up in flashback scenes. I mentioned in another post but because of more time they are able to focus on this in Marvel TV shows and it's done with precision and delicacy they are able to draw emotion from the viewers. Not only those characters but Wilson Fisk also being a reason why this show is so great. At first he doesn't seem so bad but after watching him in action, he suddenly becomes scary and unpredictable, a sudden change of events could get him going and I would feel sorry for the person on the other end of the fist, or in one case a car door!

I do wish I could put this show higher on my list, but with only one season I felt that it could not go any higher. Although one thing that bugs me a little bit about this show is the underdevelopment of female characters and their relationships with other females. With the male characters I could write detailed paragraphs of them all, but I would struggle with Rosario Dawson's Claire Temple due to the fact that she is only there to act as a nurse to Matt and say a few wise quotes. It is disappointing because she's a very important character and with the amount of screen time she had I only wish we got to know the character more. Karen Page probably had the most screen time out of all female characters but was also underplayed, the only time we got to know her character was when she would talk to Foggy.

Another would be the richness of the show being dampened a little with the opportunity to binge watch every episode from the release date. Although I like that it does ruin some of the build up to the show,

Well that's number eight on my list, next week we'll see number seven!

Thanks for reading! :)


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