Film Review: Batman V.S Superman: Dawn of Justice

I went into this movie with mixed feelings hoping that they will be resolved within the next 2 hours and 33 minutes. Well there were resolved and I felt that the film was good, but it could have been better in a lot of places. But in my opinion from what this film has it shows some potential for the DC Cinematic Universe to do well and be totally different from the format Marvel have. I have to say though, Rotten Tomatoes current rating of 30% for this film is not an accurate projection of how the film actually is. Although I wouldn't say the film should be up there with 90% or 99%, it definitely deserves a higher rating than that. 

Where do we start? Why not with Ben Affleck's Batman! Let's just say the film has a lot more pace whenever he is on screen, in a lot of ways it is reliant on his story and is slightly different to other portrayals of the Dark Knight we have seen. Ben Affleck is confident and strong in the role; we can see that he is damaged by his past which seems to play a big role in the way he plays the part.
I do particularly like one part where he's eyeing up Diana Prince whilst talking to Clarke and says "Pretty women, old habits" (not a correct reference I can't remember the actual quote). But it did make me giggle a bit as it shows a Batman who is less interested in women and more focused on his priorities. I did particularly enjoy the flashback scenes within the first half an hour as we see a young Bruce witness the death of his Mother and Father and that dream with the bats, although an odd dream it is it does have some symbolic nature to it as it shows Bruce becoming Batman in a way. Another flashback scene shows the events of 'Man of Steel' from Bruce's point of view as he saves people’s lives. Showing a grittier side to Superman saving the World as his success has consequences that come in the form of people’s lives. Also showing how Bruce comes to hate Superman, but why didn't he go there in his bat suit and Batmobile? Surely he could have been more useful if he did!

Unfortunately, a lot of focus on Batman meant that not a lot of focus was put on Superman. The first hour we don't see much of Henry Cavill. The hate Bruce has for Superman is clear throughout and
some would say a little overdeveloped, whereas Superman's hate for Batman is a little unclear and underdeveloped as we don't see much of how he perceives Batman as a problem. We see him question Bruce himself about the bat vigilante and take some interest into The Dark Knight but it didn't feel like he any real motive to go after him until the last 20 minutes or so of the film. Although he definitely was the centre piece of everything, every action he would make would provoke another reaction even greater than the last. You couldn't help but feel sorry for him, especially with the scene in the middle-east as he is framed for causing a lot of destruction. Even I didn't understand that until sometime afterwards as it was kind of unclear that that's why he was scrutinised quite heavily; although it did serve as something for Lois Lane to do in the movie, without her investigation into it she would have had nothing to do for the entire movie!

It was nice to see quite a lot of Gal Gadot, although she had hardly any relevance to the story she helped set up the Justice League side of the movie. Seeing her join the battle at the end with
Doomsday did feel a little underwhelming though. After joining Batman and Superman the three hadn't really got to know each other that much and it didn't feel like there was much chemistry between them. However, the fight scene was epic and spectacle to behold with Wonder Woman showing us her bracelets, sword, shield and even her whip, which I felt were nice additions compared to the usual gadgets we see Batman with and Superman's laser eyes and fists.

Surprisingly one of my favourite performances had to be Jesse Eisenberg who gave a terrific performance as a very different Lex Luthor to one that we are used to seeing. Instead of being the greedy billionaire
we're all used to seeing, we see a psychologically troubled character that puts a whole new perspective on how he is portrayed. As it clearly shows why he would like to see the World burn and also his hatred for Superman being visible throughout. He did also mention at one point something about his father which suggested he was abused, adding to his psycho side of things. If anything it's more of a modern day villain people like to see in films and I think a lot of people had doubts about Jesse Eisenberg including myself, but I really enjoyed this portrayal and was definitely my favourite thing about the movie. I can understand why people would dislike his character though being very different and at times out of place in this movie. He did come across as quite bratty and at times annoying but I rather enjoyed it!

Zac Snyder is quite a frustrating director, although he is good and has produced some great work in the past, I can't help but feel... nothing after watching this film. Like something was missing or something didn't gel right. Although the visual aspects of this film were brilliant, the earlier scenes could have been edited and directed a bit better as some parts felt disjointed and unclear at times. This film definitely has the potential to be great and is a pretty decent foundation for future films in this cinematic universe. There's a fair bit for them to learn about and improve upon in future films but at least I'm not dreading any future DC movies! 

I Salute you for reading! :)


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