Marvel's Daredevil Season 2: Episode 2

Things are becoming more heated in Hell's Kitchen as the Police hunt for The Punisher ends in a second showdown between him and Daredevil in a pretty intense fight scene that saw the two face off on a roof whilst having bullets rain down upon them. Notably this episode slows down a bit to show the consequences of Matt surviving a bullet to the head and it exposes more of The Punisher's appearance as he takes a step away from the shadows, although it is a small step it's enough to see his face!

As I said we get to see John Bernthal's face a bit more in this episode, but he also has more lines. When his name was first spoken by a member of the District Attorney's Office you could almost feel
how cold it made the scene. Karen obviously felt unsettled by the name which added to the atmosphere. As for The Punisher's identity we still don't know about it and his motive for gunning down the gangs in Hell's Kitchen. He didn't stop at the Irish and the Cartel, in this episode he's claimed The Biker gang as well literally letting no one stomp all over Fisk's territory. Meanwhile D.A Reyes attempts to lure The Punisher in by using Grotto as bait to the disgust of Foggy and Karen. Little did she know that an injured Daredevil would show up and a terrific fight scene would be fought. This episode only had one proper fight scene but I was satisfied with how good this one was, perhaps it has the potential to be one of the best fight scenes in the entire series!

Foggy and Karen spend most of the episode separate from Matt who is recovering from his first ordeal with The Punisher. Present at the end when Daredevil shows up it causes Foggy to compromise the identity of Daredevil to Karen as he runs out into the battlefield after him, it won't be long now until she finds out why Matt keeps "falling down the stairs or walking into doors". I like how resourceful they've made Karen as she comes across as a very intelligent character and a great asset to Foggy and Matt who sometimes miss what she see's. Foggy and Matt's friendship seems to be straining a bit as Foggy struggles to come to terms with Matt's near death experience, wishing that Matt would take it easy for a bit.

As for Matt the bullet definitely did some damage, we notice this when his hearing becomes more sensitive than ever as the drop of an aspirin pill to Matt sounds like someone slamming a weight against a table. But then it cuts off completely and we experience with Matt a frightening moment as he can neither see or hear for a brief moment. As scary as this must be, Matt regains his hearing and is soon back out on the streets in his Daredevil outfit with a mask welded back together by his good friend Melvin after it took a bullet.

What I liked about this episode was seeing more of Foggy and Karen being the heroes as they challenged the D.A's who came to take their client. But we do find their limits when the D.A lie to them and offer up Grotto as bait for The Punisher. Maybe not making them superheroes but they definitely did a lot in this episode and it was nice to see the two have their moment in the spotlight.

With the way the episode ended and the promotional posters of Daredevil being chained up I think we know where the next episode is heading and my god I hope it'll be great! The opening two episodes of this season have been strong and very well done. Oh yeah we got to see The Punisher's dog!

I Salute you for reading! :)


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