Marvel's Daredevil Season 2: Episode 3

Well that sequence definitely is a contender for best fight scene I've ever seen. No doubt it was an attempt to top the hallway fight scene from season one and in my opinion I think it did. But before this we also see the conflict between Daredevil and The Punisher continue as they exchange different views on being the hero. With Daredevil chained up on the roof and The Punisher testing him as he offers to shoot a captured Grotto or allow Daredevil to do the job!

We'll start with the epic fight scene as Daredevil battles his way down from the roof beating members of the Dogs of Hell biker gang as he goes, with a gun taped to Matt's hands and a chain in the other
he's knocking lights out and using it as a weapon to flip people down the stairs, trip them up or strangle them. All leading up to the end where he comes face to face with a big, BIG member of the gang, seeming that Matt has gone a little too far as the gang member is strangling him. Just when you think The Punisher will save him, Daredevil overcomes his foe and scrapes a victory. Him apprehending The Punisher seemed like a small victory but the anti-hero managed to slip through his fingers and escape after being dumped in an elevator. A nail biting and tense last 10 minutes certainly proved to be a spectacular sequence of events that had me on the edge of my seat!

The moment when Daredevil was being strangled and we saw The Punisher appear in the elevator was quite a defining moment. One's initial thought would be that Frank Castle would help him, having grown some sympathy for him on the rooftop but the cold hearted man took off leaving Daredevil to fight his own battles. This kind of shows that The Punisher has a different set of morals to Daredevil which we notice more on the rooftop when they clash about each other's beliefs on killing. Even the moment on the rooftop when The Punisher forces Matt to choose between shooting Grotto or him, Matt is reluctant to shoot any of them and breaks free of his chains, tackling The Punisher but not without a bullet hitting Grotto. This may also show that later in the season The Punisher could push Daredevil to break his code and do something he will regret. I have to say though the rooftop scenes had crisp and natural dialogue that both characters exchange well, helping with the tense atmosphere of the scene and learning about the characters.

Meanwhile Foggy once again proved his loyalty to Matt as he went in search for him around different hospitals, eventually finding Claire Temple as she makes a return and referencing her small appearance in Jessica Jones. Foggy also putting his lawyer skills to work as he defuses a fight in the hospital. Both him and Claire have some nice character moments as they connect on a certain level when talking about Matt. Part of me wishes that Claire had a much larger role to play, mainly she's just a helper and even though she was much bigger in season one, she still didn't have a huge role. Her appearance in Jessica Jones also shows she's just there when people need her which is quite sad because she has a hell of a lot more to offer.

Karen's trip to the D.A's office ended quite harshly but successfully as she got information on The Punisher to help protect Nelson and Murdock Law Firm, how she will do this yet I don't know but she uncovered something very useful as the episode ended.

A very good episode with a lot of information. We still don't know a hell of a lot about The Punisher but I'm sure more about his past will be dragged out eventually. At the moment every episode in this show has ceased to amaze and is definitely living up to its expectation!

I Salute you for reading! :)

I have not forgotten about Ant-Man and my Top Ten TV shows they will be continuing next week!


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