Marvel's Daredevil Season 2: Episode 4

This episode got intense and very emotional towards the end. As the Irish seek revenge for the death of many of their leaders in the first episode, we learn more about the man who is Frank Castle and why he is intent on destroying the Irish gang of Hell's Kitchen. The past three episodes have been great in showing what The Punisher can do and have kept us wondering about his past. I can tell you now that in this episode I really felt sorry for him, I also like how he can withstand a horrific amount of pain which is where I can't help but feel he is almost as bad-ass at Daredevil!

This episode acts as a sort of conclusion to the Punisher arc but I'm sure he'll come back later in the season, considering we didn't find out Frank's complete story which helped turn him from a senseless murderer to a poor man seeking revenge. The torture scene including him and a guy named Finn
(Tony Curran) drilling into his foot and threatening to kill his dog just showed resilient The Punisher is in almost any situation. Eventually he was saved by the one vigilante who he had captured just an episode before as the two finally team up and escape the Irish stronghold. I do particularly like the part where Daredevil stops The Punisher from killing one of the henchman and Frank concedes leaving him unconscious, this showed that he is capable of change or he was just in so much pain that he had to agree with what Matt was saying. Then that amazing scene at the graveyard where Frank tells Matt about the story of the death of his family. It was probably some of the best acting that John Bernthal has ever done, it was so emotional and sad, managing to turn him into the most loved killer in the whole of Hell's Kitchen!

Matt and Karen grow a lot closer in this episode as we finally see the two kiss. I know I said in the first episode review that I wouldn't like to see a relationship so soon but it seems to have tied itself into the Matt's story quite well. The episode ends with the introduction of Elektra in Matt's apartment. One thing we do know from it is that both the characters know each other at this point which suggests that they have history and that could jeopardise Matt's and Karen's relationship. It's like one main story ends and another one begins, the format of this season is very different to the first season with many different stories to be told rather than just one dragged out over thirteen episodes.

Karen played a big part in finding out about Frank's past was good as she uncovers extremely important information on The Punisher by visiting his old family home, discovering he served in the armed forces . She's a very useful character in this season and does her own thing, giving her a sense of individualism that is very different to Matt and Foggy as she takes time to focus on details that are important. Like with The Punisher she went and found out about his past, putting her job on the line in doing so, unlike Matt who's first intention is to confront him in combat and Foggy does his lawyer stuff. But the way this characteristic is portrayed is not overdone as it can come across as quite cheesy and a story can become quite reliant on it.

Tony Curran was a good choice to play Finn, being a merciless Irishman (even though Tony was born in Glasgow), seeking revenge for his son. To take down the Punisher the show needed something bigger than him to capture and torture him in a way that matches how he spilled the blood of many of their men. As much as I would have loved to have seen more of Finn the shotgun to the face was brutal but not as surprising considering the drill to the foot happened just moments before!

What an episode this was, I can see why it started strong and kept the intensity up because the Punisher arc was ending quite quickly so they can begin Elekra's one. It's unbelievably exciting at the moment and I can't wait to review the rest of the season!

Also if The Punisher's dog was hurt I would have flipped many biscuits!

I Salute you for reading! :)


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