Marvel's Daredevil Season 2: Episode 5

Episode five see's the beginning of a new story with the introduction of Elektra, and like Frank Castle they got her right. The episode kept bringing up new questions about how her and Matt knew each other and how Matt came to hate her. This mixed with the new Matt and Karen relationship puts Matt in a very difficult position as Elektra forces her way back into his life!

Little did I know but Elektra got a little nod in season one in a flashback scene with Foggy and Matt at college with one of them mentioning Matt's Greek girlfriend. I noticed this when I was reading up on her character and remembered that scene after watching this episode, as a series of flashback scenes occur with a college Matt and Elektra. It was nice to find out a little bit more about Matt's past and more obstacles for him to overcome so to not break his code and take a life. As we see with him and Elektra in one of the flashback sequences, she successfully caught the man who killed Matt's father and nearly had him end his life. But Matt saw different in quite an emotional scene and parting ways with Elektra there and then. Similar to The Punisher, Matt's no kill code is relevant to the story, especially in this case as a relationship between the two makes sense as they both understood each other. But one major difference changed the way they saw each other. Her flirtatious attitude towards Matt plays in well with Matt rejecting her as we can definitely see that the two have history and great chemistry on screen!

Karen headed to Ben Urich's old workplace as she tries to question his old boss about the fact that Frank Castle's job in the army was left out of the article they wrote. Eventually she got herself into the backroom and spent hours finding links to the day Castle's family was murdered. A quote from Ben's old boss "Somewhere Ben Urich's looking down and getting a real kick out of this" - Which made me think about how similar Ben and Karen are with their investigative nature, only Karen didn't meet a horrible demise by the hands of Wilson Fisk. It was also a nice nod to him as he was a great character in season one and was probably the saddest death in that season too!

Meanwhile Foggy helps defend Nelson and Murdock as the firm come under fire from the giant that is Reyes, being a salty member of the justice system she has targeted the firm and stripped them of any new clients coming in. Although it's the start of a new chapter the old one is not finished yet and I reckon it is something that will carry on for the rest of the season. I feel for Foggy a bit because he is left to deal with the firm without Matt or Karen as they are off on their own personal ventures. It shows that Foggy does need help as he is restricted to very little and feels like he's being left out of Matt's and Karen's lives. With the two in a relationship he is now the third wheel of the group. Also as it has done throughout the season, Matt's vigilante life is causing a rift between Matt and Foggy, leaving Foggy to worry about him constantly!

Not too much to talk about in this episode but still a very good episode, I'm enjoying this more than season one and definitely more than Jessica Jones. Despite how fast everything is going in this season, there is still a lot of detail and emphasis put into the areas that matter making it a great show!

I Salute you for reading! :)


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