Marvel's Daredevil Season 2: Episode 6

So including this and the last episode the season has slowed down a bit following the bloodshed of the earlier episodes. This episode manages to bring The Punisher story back into the mix as Nelson and Murdock are now defending Frank Castle from the death penalty as Reyes pushes to clear up business with Castle as quickly as possible. There hasn't really been a clear main antagonist in this season so far, the closest who steps up to the mark in my opinion would be Reyes despite the fact The Hand has been hinted. But until more evidence is about to confirm this Reyes sits upon that perch quite nicely for the moment.

Although it has slowed down we did get an awesome opening fight scene with Daredevil and Elektra as they beat up some men invading Elektra's apartment. Their mission to steal information from the gala was enjoyable to watch, we saw both Matt and Elektra work well together as they cruised their
way to the room containing the Roxxon Ledger. They both showed individual assets and how they worked well together, almost like the couple they were meant to be over ten years ago. I can't help but think the appearance of Elektra is going to be the one thing that'll damage Matt the most and the people around him. It was him and Karen who took on Frank's case and he was forced to leave half way through very important proceedings to go on this heist, leaving Karen and Foggy to deal with it all. I think Matt has bitten off more than he can chew and is trying to be more than the hero he actually is. This may lead to being distanced from Foggy and Karen which is something Matt can't have.

It was great to see Matt take Foggy's place for a bit and tell Reyes where she can shove it... in a more professional manner obviously. Foggy took more of a back seat in this episode and understandable, he was the only one who didn't want to take the Frank Castle case on and was unfortunately stuck with it. Although they managed to get death penalty off the cards he didn't manage to convince Frank to plead guilty which opens up the door for the 'Trial of the Century', or in other words, the biggest shit-storm of the Century. We see this right at the end of the episode as Foggy confronts Matt and tells him he needs to clear his schedule and focus on the trial. Which inevitably conflicts with everything Matt is doing with Elektra. Right at the beginning of the season we saw how the bond between the three was strong and how happy they were, now we are starting to see that bond tear particularly between Matt and Foggy which is quite sad.

I like how Frank only wanted to talk to Karen as she is the only one that has visited his family home since he left, in that one scene where they were both talking in private we can see that Frank has compressed the memories of his family and Karen talking about his kids brings up some nice memories for Frank. Amongst everything that the show has the last thing you expect are close intimate scenes like this, but they still manage to get them right and it's lovely to see it. This fits in with what I said in an earlier review about how Karen can do things the other two can't, unlike Foggy and Matt, Karen is someone The Punisher wants to connect with because she is the last person that has seen anything from his old life.

An eventful episode that sets up, possibly the rest of the season as a huge trial awaits Matt and company and also the people of Hell's Kitchen. As much as I am excited to see how it all plays out I don't want to see my three favourite TV characters split up and part ways. We will just have to see what happens!

I Salute you for reading! :)


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