Marvel's Daredevil Season 2: Episode 7

For the first time in the show we see the two story lines collide as Foggy, Karen and Matt go to trial in the defence of Frank Castle and Elektra meddling with some of the witnesses. Although there isn't a lot of action in this episode there certainly is a lot of information and story progression that near enough turns the lives and friendships of our three most loved characters on their heads!

I think we'll start with Matt and how his night life nearly screwed Karen and Foggy over on the first day of the Frank Castle Case. Supposedly practising his statements Matt is out assisting Elektra in
their endeavour, despite how close the two are becoming, Matt doesn't seem to let it cloud his judgement of how he feels about Karen. Or maybe he does as the two clash over their personal views of Frank Castle's actions. This is a really great scene as it shows the differences between both characters, with Karen having already killed someone in season one she can sympathise with Frank and explaining how she understands his actions, whilst Matt is fixed on believing that those of higher power decide the fate of someone's life, referring to God. This is something that the show tackles quite frequently but not usually to this intensity, but I think with more characters that Matt comes into contact with who kill people, questions about morality are becoming more important!

Other than her conversation with Matt, Karen goes to the prison to speak with Frank to discuss what kind of approach he would agree to take with his case, denying going with a PTSD strategy is kind of shows how much Frank is in his own mind as he favours honesty over his trial. Also the fact that he's a proud soldier and would not like to people to think that his time in the forces has had an effect on his mind. He still feels that the only person he can talk to is Karen which is still quite a nice thing as it gives Karen a reason to be at the trial. Considering she isn't a lawyer she can't fight for Frank but she can speak for him to Matt and Foggy to help his case. More than anyone she is dedicated to the trial!

As for Foggy, who never wanted to take the Frank Castle case on in the first place, he saved the case him and Karen were working on when Matt didn't show up to open the case at the start of the trial. So far Foggy is yet to do something wrong. He may be viewed as Matt's funny sidekick by some people but that really isn't the case, he is the unsung hero of the show and when he shouts at Matt in the toilets it really shows how unhappy he is with him. This scene is a very good scene and both actors played their parts perfectly. For once Foggy is in the driving seat and puts Matt on the stop by listing everything he's done wrong. It is frustrating to see a rift arise between the two, but then a barrier between Matt and Karen pops up when he doesn't tell her about what they were arguing about. It's great how this show puts emphasise on how the life of a superhero can have a huge strain on the work and personal life of the individual and the people around them. In this case Matt, as he is trying to handle more than he actually can!

The episode ends with an angry Matt confronting Elektra about the witness tampering and them both breaking into the mysterious "blueprint" building from season one. Then discovering a bottomless pit that nobody knows what it's for. Diving further into strange new territory as more questions arise about 'The Hand'. I hope some of these questions are asked soon, I presume they will be as the episode ends with them staring into the black hole.

As I said, not a lot of action in this episode but a lot of information to take in. So far no episode has disappointed and each one has been engaging and kept asking questions from the viewers. Soon it'll all be answered!

I Salute you for reading! :D

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